Environmentally Friendly

  • Four and five inch thick urethane foamed-in-place zero ozone depleting insulation
  • Recycled materials used in manufacturing processes

Energy Efficient

  • Meets requirements of Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 — R-value requirements met with 4″ panel.
    • Automatic Door Closers
    • Vinyl Strip Curtains or Vinyl Doors on All Exterior Doors
    • Spring Loaded Hinges
    • Heat-Reflective Glass for Windows
    • Energy Efficient Lighting
    • Motion Sensor Lighting
    • Electronically Commuted Motors on Refrigeration
  • Other Energy Efficient Options Available
    • Temperature Monitoring System with Door Ajar Alarm
    • Thermostat Control for Door Frame Heaters
    • Scroll Compressors
    • Diagnostic refrigeration options available

Quality Focused

  • All Walk-ins Preassembled At Factory and Quality Control Inspected
  • Trouble-Free and Quick Installation
  • Complete Walk-in Delivered – No Missing Panels or Parts
  • “Best In The Industry” Service Before and After the Sale