The Specialist in Commercial Refrigeration

Our walk-ins are designed for maximum customization, durability and performance which makes Thermo-Kool the perfect choice for any application. We use innovative processes which combine our patented Durathane high-density structural frame members and low-density urethane core insulation. This unique design offers superior strength, durability and insulation value to all of our walk-in panels. While most project requirements can be addressed with standard sizes and configurations, our walk-ins can be customized to fit unusual spaces or column surrounds, with all panels locking securely in place. Our panels are available in 1-inch increments allowing you complete design flexibility for any project. Finally we pre-assemble and thoroughly inspect your walk-in at our facility to ensure your specifications are met precisely. Our doing so allows you a quick and easy installation with no “cut and paste” required at the jobsite.

Thermo-Kool Walk-In Coolers have received “Best in Class” in all available categories for the 2017 Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine awards! For the fourth consecutive year, Thermo-Kool Walk-In Coolers have been voted Best in Class by Dealers, Best in Class by Operators, and Best in Class Overall. These awards stand as a testament to Thermo-Kool’s product quality and dedication to provide excellence throughout the supplier chain.

Product Details & Value-Added Features

Patented DURATHANE 100% urethane high density panel design

Patented UL listed door construction

A variety of metal finishes are available for all interior and exterior surfaces

Floor panels designed to withstand uniformly distributed stationary loads of 600 lbs per square foot

DURA-FLOOR heavy duty structural support floor

Interior NSF approved foamed-in-place ramp which is an integral part of the floor panel

Ten-year panel warranty to cover any defects in material or workmanship under normal use and service