A Message From the President and CEO

December 7, 2018

Happy Holidays on behalf of the Thermo-Kool team!
I hope you are having a healthy and prosperous year and the future looks bright for 2019. I know that Thermo-Kool is ready to handle all opportunities and challenges you may present to us and always with humility and gratitude.

We continue to strive to provide you products and service that are unrivaled by our competitors by continuing to reinvest in our company. For the last ten years, we have made substantial capital investments annually in every facet of our business—plant expansions, new equipment, software, and most importantly, employee development. Improving and/or increasing these assets have been made with the singular focus of you in mind…how Thermo-Kool can better serve your needs.

Our belief remains that the customer comes first and our exhausting all means of providing remarkable service both before and after the sale. It is our relationship with you that we covet and your success with your customer that remains paramount. 

Best wishes and happy New Year,

Rand McLaughlin