Frances Davis – 54 Years of Service

December 15, 2015

FrancesDavisThermo-Kool’s longest tenure employee, Frances Davis, recently retired after 54 years of service.  When reflecting over Davis’ 54-year career her commitment and dedication to Thermo-Kool were second to none.  Davis was 22 years old when she came to work at Thermo-Kool which was known then only as Mid-South Industries, Inc.  Since there were so few employees her responsibilities ranged from answering the phone, payroll, bookkeeping, quoting projects and in some cases, helping to load shipments.  She was the company’s first quality control inspector and played a role in developing the company’s stringent quality procedures which are still in place today.  Throughout  her  54 years at Thermo-Kool Davis was an integral part of the company’s continued growth and always the epitome of a loyal employee who stressed to the  team the importance of “doing things right” and “taking care of the customer.”