Allen ISD Service Center

September 22, 2015


“The need for a new Service Center at Allen ISD was identified by the Project Kids Community Study Group in 2008. The community approved the project which will house the transportation, student nutrition and maintenance departments, including bus maintenance, parking, and warehouse facilities as part of the 2009 bond election. The new Service Center is located on 39 acres and serves a school district of approximately 20,000 students.” (Source: Pictured is the 112’0” x 45’4” x 25’4” high Thermo-Kool bulk storage cooler/freezer combination during installation at the state-of-the-art facility. The strength and durability of Thermo-Kool’s high density DURATHANE panel perimeter is a great fit for the project to ensure a quality and long lasting cooler/freezer. Thermo-Kool’s flexibility in design and ability to manufacturer in 1” panel increments allowed full utilization of the storage space available. The white stucco galvanized interior helps to maximize illumination which is significant with the 25’4” height of the cooler/freezer. The floor design includes a prefabricated galvanized steel floor which locked-in-place with 22” high foam screed panels and is recessed to accommodate the wearing floor. One 36” x 78” and two 34” x 78” Thermo-Kool entrance doors were provided with stainless steel interiors and exteriors, three hinges per door, 14” x 24” peep windows, 1/8” aluminum treadplate interior and exterior kickplates, thermostatically controlled door and frame heaters, temperature alarms, and three-way and four-way light switches. Bulk openings were provided to accommodate an electric sliding in the cooler and an electric bi-parting door in the freezer. A 1/8” aluminum treadplate wainscot was provided on the exposed exterior 48” high and on the interior 12” high for protection from equipment moving product in and out. The ceiling of the bulk storage cooler/freezer is supported by Thermo-Kool’s exterior angle ceiling suspension system design.

Thermo-Kool Sales Supervisor, Melissa Harrison and Thermo-Kool Customer Account Representative, Jessica Breazeale worked on the project with consultants Lance Brooks and Duane Mikkelson with Foodservice Design Professionals, Farmers Branch, Texas; Lewis Beville and Layne Wisener with Kirby Restaurant Supply, Longview, Texas and Thermo-Kool Marketing Agents, Greg Rosini, Ettinger-Rosini & Associates, Dallas, Texas and Dan Scruggs with Ettinger-Rosini & Associates, Houston, Texas.