No Curve Ball for Thermo-Kool

August 27, 2012

Even the curved walk-in at Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia was no feat for the design team at Thermo-Kool.  The actual size 32’11-1/2” x 60’5-13/16” x 10’0” high three-compartment walk-in vegetable cooler/dairy cooler/freezer (pictured inset) was installed in the student dining facility at the University.  As customary with Thermo-Kool, the finished product was preassembled prior to shipment for final quality control inspection with every panel locking in place!  The drawing layout  shown above, gives a full view of the flexibility in design which was accomplished by  Thermo-Kool’s ability to manufacture in 1” panel increments to fit any job site space requirement.  To add to the uniqueness of the project, the floorless walk-in combination consisted of 17” high recessed foam screeds throughout most of the walk-in and then transitioned  into 9” high foam screeds at floor level in a portion of the vegetable cooler.  Other features included 14” x 24” heated peep windows, 4” dial thermometers with stainless steel mesh covers, 1/8” treadplate kickplates 48” high on the interior and 1/8” treadplate wainscot 48”high on the exposed exterior, ID signs, door stops, audio/visual alarms with dry contacts and fluorescent lights.  Included in the project was an actual size 12’1” x 21’10-1/2” x 8’4” Thermo-Kool walk-in basement cooler and an actual size 11’11” x 33’9” x 8’4” Thermo-Kool walk-in cooler/freezer combination.


“Hampton University’s website boasts “Rich in history, steeped in tradition, Hampton University is a dynamic, progressive institution of higher education, providing a broad range of technicalliberal arts, and graduate degree programs. In addition to being one of the top historically black universities in the world, Hampton University is a tightly-knit community of learners and educators, representing 49 states and 35 territories and nations. Hampton University is nestled along the banks of the Virginia Peninsula, near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.”

Thermo-Kool Customer Account Representative, Debbi Tisdale, and Thermo-Kool Drafter, Don Wade, worked on the project with consultant, Hans Faassen with Faassen & Associates, Charlotte, North Carolina and project manager, Brett Auerbach, with Baring Industries, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.