Pinellas County Schools: Walter Pownall Service Center

February 21, 2014

During a Thermo-Kool factory visit in November 2012, John Hott, Neil Robinson, Andrew Kershner and Steven Gill with Pinellas County Schools, Largo, Florida, observed first-hand the unique design capabilities and the attention to detail which is displayed by the Thermo-Kool team. These attributes were significant in the selection of Thermo-Kool to provide the 80’3” x 43’9” x 17’1” high warehouse freezer/production center (pictured above) which recently shipped to the Walter Pownall Service Center for Pinellas County Schools. According to Thermo-Kool Marketing Agent, Bob Saraceno, with Eaton Marketing & Associates, Clearwater, Florida, who accompanied the Pinellas County Schools team for the visit to Thermo-Kool, “John Hott and his technical staff were very impressed with the visit. They were particularly impressed with the method in which Thermo-Kool builds each panel, and the flexibility in design which sets Thermo-Kool apart from even its closest competitors, making Thermo-Kool a perfect fit for this project. Throughout the entire process, Thermo-Kool worked closely with the Pinellas County team and me to ensure that all areas of this large project were covered and nothing was missed.”  Specific size requirements for the project were accomplished with Thermo-Kool’s high density DURATHANE panel perimeter and ability to manufacture in 1” panel increments. The warehouse freezer/production center was designed floorless and utilized Thermo-Kool 24” high foam screed panels which were recessed 10” to accommodate job site requirements.  An 8” concrete curb provided protection of the interior wall panels. The finishes consisted of stucco aluminum exterior, stucco stainless interior walls and white smooth aluminum interior ceiling.  LED light fixtures were provided for additional illumination.  Two (2) Thermo-Kool 48” x 78” entrance doors and two (2)  Thermo-Kool  36” x 78” entrance doors were provided along with 4” dial thermometers, vinyl strip curtains, 1/8” aluminum treadplate interior and exterior kickplates and jamb guards, and three and four  way door switches.  One (1) 10’ x 10’ electric overhead roll-up door was also provided with accommodating accessories and vinyl strip curtain.  Thermo-Kool’s hanger plate support system was used to support the ceiling of the warehouse freezer/production center.


According to Hott, “The previous unit was old, improperly installed and in need of demolition. It had freezing issues along the side walls and the ceiling panels were sagging due to moisture build-up.  As like in any walk-in installation, if you do not start the installation correctly, you will not have a finished product that is correct.  With the panel design for the Thermo-Kool warehouse freezer/production center and the installation assistance by Bill Shelton, the installer hired by Pinellas County Schools, the unit was installed using the ‘back filling technology’ and everything worked flawlessly.  Pinellas County was able to increase their production capabilities for the Student Nutrition Department and this increased their storage capacity allowing for better use of county funds.  Pinellas County Schools will utilize the warehouse freezer for storage and the production center will be used for fully prepared breakfast and lunch meals for the students in Pinellas County. ”  Robinson added, “It is very reassuring to know that whether Pinellas County is purchasing a warehouse unit or an individual school walk in, each unit is erected at the (Thermo-Kool) factory to ensure a quality build.”

Working on the project with the Pinellas County School’s team and Saraceno was  Thermo-Kool Customer Account Representative, Debbi Tisdale and  Thermo-Kool Engineering Manager, David Whitehead.