Reynolds Lake Oconee

June 15, 2021

Dating back 100 years as a family retreat along the shores of the Oconee River, the early visitors quickly recognized the region as a destination of uncommon character. The striking beauty of the river and the Oconee Forest created a natural haven that felt like a world apart and provided a lifestyle with an informal cadence all on its own. Many visitors quickly decided to “linger longer,” turning one or two-day visits into three, four or five-day family retreats. 


By 1982, the river had become Lake Oconee, offering more than four times the shoreline of Georgia’s Atlantic coastline, and the Reynolds club and community was founded. Since that day, it has evolved into a globally recognized resort and club, defined by extraordinary recreational and culinary amenities, an authentic spirit of Southern hospitality, and the consistent rhythms of the Oconee Forest and its magnificent lake. (Source: 


Pictured preassembled at Thermo-Kool’s factory is an actual size 152” x 205-1/2” x 96” high Thermo-Kool walk-in cooler/freezer combination which was one of two  Thermo-Kool walk-ins recently installed at Reynolds Lake Oconee, Greensboro, Georgia. Thermo-Kool’s uncompromising commitment to the highest level of quality and excellent customer service make a perfect fit for the prestigious hotel. Thermo-Kool’s high density DURATHANE panel perimeter allowed the Thermo-Kool walk-in  to be preassembled prior to shipment for a thorough quality control inspection to avoid “hidden costs” at the time of installation. With Thermo-Kool’s ability to manufacture in 1” panel increments the walk-in was manufactured in the exact size and configuration needed to maximize storage space capabilities with no “cutting and pasting” required in the field!  The White Stucco Aluminum finish provided on the interior along with LED light fixtures ensures maximum illumination is provided. The entrance doors are  equipped with 14” x 14” peep windows with heated frame and glass, adjustable hinges, vinyl swing doors, and each compartment includes a Thermo-Kool TK4700 Walk-In Monitor System which features multi-compartment temperature monitoring, high and low temperature alarm, door status monitoring, automatic lighting control, compartment identification, door/door frame/peep window heater control, motion detectors, door open alarm and a panic alarm.  

The consultant for the project was Emalee Austerman with Camacho Associates, Norcross, Georgia. Thermo-Kool Customer Account Representative, Erin Flynt worked on the project with Jennifer McCarty, with Manning Brothers Food Equipment Company, Inc., Athens, Georgia. and Thermo-Kool Marketing Agent, Mike Keyes with PMR, Inc. Lawrenceville, Georgia.