S&B’s Burger Joint: A Burger Hall of Fame

September 28, 2022

Okay. So, there’s a lot of debate over who invented the hamburger. Some, like the Library of Congress, credit Louis Lassen, while others offer a long list of names including Charlie Nagreen, Frank and Charles Menches, Oscar Weber Bilby, or Fletcher Davis as the true inventor. It’s really all in who you ask. Take Texas, for example. They’ll swear the meat sandwich mastermind is Frank Tolbert. But no matter how you stack it, one thing is certain, burgers are an American classic. They’re home of the backyard barbeques, the late-night quick bite, and a fan favorite at any sporting event. There’s no denying the hamburger reigns supreme.

But who has the best burger? Well, that’s another opinionated debate. What we can tell you, is there’s a burger joint in Oklahoma that’s fighting hard for the title.

S&B’s Burger Joint, established in 2009 by Shannon Roper and Bryan Neel, has already won multiple awards for their burgers and sliders for their array of unique flavors. And with the restaurant’s rockin’ theme, the flavors aren’t the only unique thing about them. A few, personal menu name favorites are ‘Return of the Mac,’ ‘The Old Town Road,’ and, of course, ‘The King’ himself. S&B’s is sure to delight any rock fan and burger enthusiast.

And it’s not just the burgers that take center stage. S&B’s offers a full menu of salads, smothered fries, and did we mention the Over-the-Top, handspun shakes? These colorful concoctions are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Recently, Thermo-Kool was given the opportunity to manufacture the walk-in cooler/freezer combo for S & B’s newest location in Edmond, Oklahoma. Building a walk-in for a rock ‘n’ roll joint was such a cool experience for all of our employees. The walk-in was custom-made to fit the building’s unique specifications and was assembled at Thermo-Kool’s factory location before shipment to guarantee no installation issues or cutting and pasting at the jobsite. Thermo-Kool’s uncompromising commitment to the highest level of quality and exceptional customer service makes for a perfect fit for this showstopping locale.

The unit was built with an internal and external stucco galvanized finish. The entrance doors, 34” X 78”, are equipped with a pilot light and switch assembly, vapor-proof light, dial thermometer, vinyl strip curtains, an interior ramp, and a sloped weather roof with vinyl weather cap.

Thermo-Kool Customer Account Representative, Allison Ishee, worked on the project with Harry Teel with Ettinger-Rosini & Associates, who worked with Skyler Davis and Tom Nash with Amundsen and John Imes with Imes Group.

So, whether you are in the eternal pursuit of who makes the best burger in America or if you’re just looking for good flavors with a fun atmosphere, make sure S&B’s Burger Joint is a stop on your journey. Their newest location, 2088 East 2nd Street, Edmond OK 73034, is sure to welcome you with a smile on their face and a song themed burger on their menu.