West Des Moines Valley High School

April 16, 2013

West Des Moines Valley High School, West Des Moines, Iowa recently became the home of two uniquely designed Thermo-Kool walk-in cooler/freezers, one which included an integrated TK94BCF-2 roll-in shock freezer.  The photo above (from an overhead view) is of the Thermo-Kool 21’6” x 26’2” x 8’6” high walk-in cooler/bakery freezer with the integrated TK94BCF-2 roll-in shock freezer preassembled at the Thermo-Kool factory during the final quality control inspection prior to shipping.  The photo demonstrates Thermo-Kool's flexibility in panel design and ability to manufacture in 1” panel increments which allowed the TK94BCF-2 to be fully integrated into the walk-in cooler/freezer so once the product is processed in the shock freezer it is rolled  directly into the walk-in bakery freezer and not re-exposed to the outside elements. In addition, with the integration of the shock freezer into the walk-in, there was no additional space required and no wasted space at the job site. And every panel locked-in-place to avoid cutting and pasting in the field!  Both the walk-in cooler/bakery freezer and the 29’0” x 29’10” x 8’6” high walk-in three-compartment cooler/cooler/freezer included 34” x 78” entrance doors with 14” x 14” peep windows, three hinges per door (one spring loaded on each), vinyl strip curtains and treadplate interior and exterior kickplates and jambguards. The walk-in bakery freezer consisted of a 48” x 84” horizontal sliding manual door and the walk-in freezer on the three-compartment walk-in consisted of a 60” x 84” horizontal manual sliding door.  Both sliding doors were accessorized with kickplates, peep windows and vinyl strip curtains.  Other features on the walk-in coolers and freezers included  temperature alarms with light managers, door ajar alarms and dry contacts, treadplate wainscot 36” high on interior, LED light fixtures for maximum illumination, and Thermo-Kool's  DURA-FLOOR heavy duty structural support floor.
The Thermo-Kool TK94BCF-2 roll-in shock freezer interior finish is a mirrored 304 stainless steel to assist in the sanitization of the unit and consisted of a two inch heavy-duty reinforced 304 stainless steel floor, two stand-alone uniframe modular chiller systems which are fully assembled with electrical power and refrigeration components, a control system based on the latest microcontroller technology, and a heated food probe and air probe to monitor the temperature and control the unit in automatic mode. The TK94BCF-2 unit has the capacity to accommodate either two angle guide racks, for a total of up to 80 food pans; two universal guide racks, for a total of up to 80 food pans and 40 sheet pans; two combi oven racks or two of any size rack up to 35” (W) x 38” (D)  x 75” (H). The unit will shock freeze up to 620 lb. of product from 165ºF to 0ºF within four hours.
Thermo-Kool Team Members, Wayne Hollomon, Varina McCurley, David Whitehead and Flavian Iovanel worked on the project with consultant Ed Norman, FCSI, CSI with MVP Services Group, Inc., Dubuque, Iowa; Velvet McConnell, Contract Design Specialist with Boelter Contract & Design, LLC, St. Louis, Missouri, and Thermo-Kool Marketing Agent, Mike Vasquez  with Food Service Innovation & Technology, Inc., St. Louis, Missouri.