A Message from the President and CEO

December 1, 2014

Each year many of us set goals we plan to achieve whether they be personal, professional, or both.
Last December one of our managers shared with our company’s management team the author Jon Gordon’s idea called “One Word.” She asked if we each would volunteer one word — rather than a lengthy New Year’s resolution — that would be the driving force in our life and work during 2014.

One Word Turtle

It was heartwarming to find that everyone chose and shared his/her One Word. Afterwards a team member creatively arranged all of our words in an image of our company mascot. Shirts displaying the turtle have been worn by all as a reminder of the word each chose to live and work by.

After studying the words that make up Thermo-Kool’s One Word Turtle, one can understand what sets our company apart from the competition — a remarkable team united in the goal to provide the best service to its customers and produce walk-ins and blast chillers that are second to none in our industry.

I am grateful for the relationship we share with each of you and, on behalf of all of us at Thermo-Kool, I wish you a joyous holiday season and a prosperous New Year.