Thermo-Kool Multi-Cavity Reach-In Blast Chillers/Shock Freezers

February 21, 2014

Thermo-Kool provides multiple cavity reach-in blast chillers/shock freezers with innovative designs that fit all of your needs.

Each cavity operates independently with its own controller and condensing unit which allows for remarkable versatility and efficiency in the kitchen. Our TK2C-2 and TK4C-2 provide a number of chilling and freezing cycles allowing various types of food produced either all at once or separately in the individual cavities. Furthermore, the ability to activate each cavity exclusively allows for a continuous flow of product from the ovens to the blast chiller.

To learn more about the Thermo-Kool Multi-Cavity reach-in blast chillers/shock freezers call your Thermo-Kool Customer Account Representative at 1-800-647-7074.