Are you looking for a highway through the Danger Zone? I'll be your wingman any time.

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I Feel The Need… The Need For Speed!

Blast Chiller Assessment Sheet- FRONT PAGE ONLY 1How quickly can you move foods into safe storage conditions? With a shock freezer or blast chiller from Thermo-Kool, you can move through the danger zone quickly and safely without losing quality or freshness. 

Not only does a shock freezer or blast chiller preserve the freshness of your food, it also acts as a wingman to your oven and other commercial kitchen equipment. 

That's right...Ice Man, we're here to help your foodservice operation soar to new heights by reducing labor, minimizing food waste, and increasing quality. Blast chilling allows chefs to process food at a higher volume, which can then be saved and used at a later time when demands increase. 

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