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Why should I purchase a
Thermo-Kool walk-in?

Thermo-Kool’s reputation as the “Pioneer of Pre-assembly” comes from a consistent focus on quality by preassembling all walk-ins prior to shipment for a thorough quality control inspection to ensure there are no “hidden costs” at the time of installation. Thermo-Kool’s high-density DURATHANE panel design allows for panels to be manufactured in 1" increments, providing maximum flexibility so that non-standard walk-in sizes, column surrounds, angle walls, and other unique designs can be accomplished without losing valuable job site space. And every panel locks in place, so there is no cut and paste required at the job site! With Thermo-Kool’s seasoned and customer-focused team, our service, before and after the sale, has proven to be the best in the industry.

How do I obtain a Thermo-Kool
walk-in quote?

Call Thermo-Kool’s sales team at 1-800-647-7074, email us at sales@thermokool.com, or contact your local Thermo-Kool marketing agent.

Can I purchase a refrigeration system with my
Thermo-Kool walk-in?

Yes. Thermo-Kool provides a number of options for preassembled or precharged refrigeration systems to meet your specific needs.

What information is required for sizing my refrigeration needs?

We need to know the following:

  • What is the desired holding temperature required?
  • What kind of product is going into the walk-in?
  • How much product will be going into the walk-in and how often?
  • What is the temperature of the product going into the walk-in?
  • How fast does the product need to reach the required holding temperature?

Does Thermo-Kool offer a turnkey package?

Yes, Thermo-Kool offers complete delivery and installation of both the walk-in and refrigeration systems.

Does Thermo-Kool belong to buying groups?

No. At Thermo-Kool, we are not price-driven but believe in forming strategic alliances with dealers, consultants, end-users, and reps who demand excellent products and services. Such products and services eliminate concealed or “hidden” costs. We believe this approach is important and valuable for the success of the customer, end-user, and our company.


What is a Thermo-Kool blast chiller?

A Thermo-Kool blast chiller is an appliance that rapidly lowers the core temperature of cooked foods from 165°F to 37°F within two hours.

What is a Thermo-Kool shock freezer?

A Thermo-Kool shock freezer is an appliance that rapidly lowers the core temperature of cooked foods from 165°F to 0°F within four hours.

Why are blast chillers/shock freezers necessary?

Food Safety
Cooling food too slowly is the main cause of food-borne illnesses. Blast chillers/shock freezers keep your food safe by accelerating food through the danger zone between 140°F and 40°F, the temperature range supporting bacteria reproduction.

Increased Shelf Life
After blast chilling, food can be safely preserved at a temperature of 37°F to 39°F for up to five days. With shock freezing, food can be preserved at 0°F for months to safely increase the shelf life of the food.

Food Quality
Blast chilling preserves your food’s flavor and aroma characteristics by preventing a loss of aroma and moisture. Compared to conventional freezing, shock freezing produces micro-crystals that do not damage tissue structure. This allows your food to maintain a desirable texture even after thawing.

Efficiency and Productivity
Blast chillers/shock freezers make batch cooking more practical, enabling you to maximize the productivity of your kitchen staff and reduce labor costs without compromising quality.

Reduced Food Costs
Food can be kept fresh for longer periods of time to permit refrigeration of items that would normally be thrown out. These savings can be significant over time. 

Reduction of Product Weight Loss
Thermo-Kool blast chillers/shock freezers can prevent cooked products from losing as much as 8% of their weight during cooling. Up to 15% of evaporation losses can be prevented for cooked liquids.

More Menu Choices
Blast chillers allow you to prepare more dishes in advance to keep them held at a safe temperature and then finish them on demand.

Who needs a blast chiller/shock freezer?

A blast chiller/shock freezer is recommended for any commercial kitchen.

What is the method for blast chilling and shock freezing?

Blast chillers/shock freezers are able to take hot food through the danger zone quickly. The danger zone between 140°F and 40°F is the temperature range where bacteria proliferation is exponential. FDA guidelines call for food temperature to be reduced from 140°F to 40°F in less than six hours — from 140°F to 70°F in two hours and from 70°F to 40°F in four hours. The NSF 7 “Rapid Pull-Down Test” calls for a blast chiller to cool the specified food load from 135°F to 40°F within four hours under 100° ambient conditions. Under normal kitchen conditions of 75°F to 85°F, the blast chilling time is between two and three hours.

How do Thermo-Kool blast chillers and shock freezers work?

Thermo-Kool blast chillers/shock freezers use very powerful refrigeration systems. The compressor is much larger than a traditional system and can work on a broader temperature range. The evaporator and condenser are much larger than you would find on a standard refrigeration system and use special designs with multiport connections. By using very powerful ventilators, the airflow is much stronger than in typical refrigeration systems. High-end electronics are also used to control the entire system and determine potential problems like high pressure, power failure, low pressure, and defective air or food probes. The electronics have time clocks that automatically log HAACP data by various methods, such as printers, PC connections, and SD data cards. Thermo-Kool electronics have high-end LED or VFD displays for easy programming and operation.

What types of blast chillers/shock freezers does Thermo-Kool offer?

Thermo-Kool offers an exclusive line of blast chillers/shock freezers, offering both reach-in and roll-in models. The reach-in units have the refrigeration system and its controllers located above the cabinet in a no-spill/splash zone, which makes for a user-friendly and easily serviceable product. The roll-in units can be purchased as a stand-alone model or built into a Thermo-Kool walk-in. These units will accommodate almost any mobile rack size that is angle guide, universal guide, or combi oven. The patented evaporator “uni-frame” systems are designed for easy installation and offer three-way, indirect airflow within the food compartment. Several Thermo-Kool reach-in and roll-in models have “plug-and-play” capability with a kitchen’s standard 115-volt, 15-amp electrical outlet.

Do I need a floor in my roll-In Thermo-Kool blast chiller/shock freezer?

A roll-in blast chiller does not require a floor. When purchasing a roll-in blast chiller/shock freezer, it is very important to ensure at least a 1″ heavy-duty insulated floor is provided.

How do I determine what size or model Thermo-Kool blast chiller/shock freezer I need?

One can determine the size and model needed by knowing the type of food to be chilled or frozen and how much will be processed at one time. With a broad array of models to choose from, contact one of Thermo-Kool's experienced sales team members to help size the Thermo-Kool blast chiller/shock freezer to meet the exact needs of your food-service operation.

Will my oven rack fit inside the Thermo-Kool blast chiller?

Thermo-Kool roll-in blast chillers will accommodate almost any mobile rack size, whether angle guide, universal guide, or combi oven.

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