A Message from the President and CEO

The last two years have presented challenges for many of us in our industry…some bad, some good. While we always enjoy the times when our company is thriving, I particularly take pride in the way in which our management team handles adversity. When confronted with a challenge, our team never complains or blames but focuses on what the best solution is and how it should be executed.

Our team’s greatest attribute is the fact everyone is willing to give their time and energy even when it may not be in their area of responsibility. It is akin to a family suffering a crisis and all pulling together to provide strength for one another. This we have witnessed at Thermo-Kool many times during the last two years.

The same is true with our office and tenured factory employees. A department may be hindered by labor constraints or excessive workload and others will volunteer to help because they are committed not only to our mission but also to our customers.

I firmly believe that Thermo-Kool’s managers, supervisors, and employees embrace commitment to our company’s mission. We as a team have a desire to satisfy our customers with a quality product and customer service that is unrivaled in our industry. And you can be sure in the future that commitment will remain in Thermo-Kool’s culture.

On behalf of our Thermo-Kool family, I hope you have a blessed holiday season and a healthy New Year.

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