Heartland Reps Joins the Thermo-Kool Team

Thermo-Kool recently hired Heartland Reps, St. Charles, Missouri, to represent Thermo-Kool Walk-In Refrigeration and Blast Chillers & Shock Freezers.

Heartland Reps will represent Thermo-Kool in the territory comprised of Iowa, Southern Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. Heartland Reps and their elite team of sales reps share a combined 145 years of experience in the foodservice industry. Their pursuit of continual education to perfect their understanding of each line they represent coupled with their desire to provide superior customer service makes them a perfect match for Thermo-Kool. Heartland Reps’ impressive portfolio of sales expertise will undoubtedly continue to strengthen Thermo-Kool’s brand and presence in these territories.

Thermo-Kool Executive Vice President and National Sales Manager, Mark Fogarty, commented, “Heartland has established themselves as a premier Rep Group in the foodservice industry, and as Thermo-Kool extends its presence into the Iowa, Southern Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska markets, we are excited to continue to develop that foundation together.” Inside Sales Manager, Melissa Harrison, also added, “After meeting and speaking with the Heartland Reps’ team, I am confident they will excel as our representative in MAFSI Region 16.  I look forward to seeing what new and exciting opportunities they bring to our brand.”

Thermo-Kool is located in Laurel, Mississippi, and is a leading manufacturer of Walk-In Refrigeration and Blast Chillers & Shock Freezers.

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