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    The Chill Zone: Bud McKee

    Thermo Kool Employee Spotlight blog -Bud M.

    Our team at Thermo-Kool is what makes us tick. And with our Chill Zone series, we want to introduce you to those team members to learn a little more about them. This month we sat down with Bud McKee. Bud works in our Maintenance department and has been with Thermo-Kool for 22 years. Find out more about him, how he started working here, and where he thinks the coolest place on Earth is (and no, it's not the North Pole!).

    How Did You End Up In The Foodservice Industry?

    At the time, my cousin was working in the Door Department at Thermo-Kool. He recommended me for a position. I came in that same afternoon at 4:30 pm to interview. When I was hired, I started working the night shift, which is a shift we don’t have anymore.

    Where Do You See The Industry Headed?

    From what I’ve seen over my years here at Thermo-Kool, I’d say the industry is heading in a good direction.

    What’s Your Favorite Food Or Beverage?

    Sweet tea with a plate of ground beef, rice, and cheese

    Do You Have A Favorite Restaurant?

    Reyes Mexican Grill and Bar

    What's Your Go-To Order?

    Steak, shrimp, cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots; basically, steak and shrimp fajitas without the tortillas.

    What Show Are You Binging Right Now?

    M.A.S.H. You can’t beat the classics.

    Is There Anything On Your Bucket List?

    I want to race one more time on the drag strip/track.

    Do You Cook At Home? If So, What’s Your Favorite Tool Or Appliance?

    When I cook at home, the stovetop is what I use the most.

    Where's The Coolest Place On Earth You've Ever Been?

    National Championship Race, Charleston, IL

    What’s Your Favorite Cold Weather Sport?


    If You Could Describe Thermo-Kool In One Word, What Would It Be?

    Good. Thermo-Kool has always been good to me.


    Bud Mckee (1)We hope you had a blast reading about our team member Bud. If you think your foodservice business is ready to become more efficient, click below to find out how to get started! 

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