Holiday Frozen Treats with Thermo-Kool

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    It's no secret that we here at Thermo-Kool are passionate about all things related to frozen treats, beverages, and food. In the spirit of the holiday season, we thought it'd be fun to share some of our favorite frozen holiday treats and spotlight some of our staff photos from our recent holiday photo booth. 

    Gingerbread Man Ice Cream Sandwich

    The holiday season wouldn't be complete without gingerbread houses and gingerbread men. Many of us have our favorite holiday traditions, and for many families, making cookies is one of them. However, we like to take it a step further and add ice cream. The whole family can enjoy making their own gingerbread cookies with this recipe. Just add ice cream and keep the festive cookies frozen until you're ready to eat them.  

    Frozen Peppermint Delight

    If you’re looking for a dessert that’s festive, delicious, and easy to make, this frozen peppermint delight is drizzled in hot fudge sauce and loaded with pretty peppermint pieces. The preparation process takes just 25 minutes, freeze the dish, then enjoy the minty flavors of this delicious treat. 

    Holiday Frozen Yogurt Bark

    For those who might be trying to stick to a diet during the holidays, these frozen yogurt bark bites are the perfect alternative that won't destroy your diet. This cool 'n creamy treat will win over everyone, even peppermint skeptics!

    Happy Holidays from Thermo-Kool!

    The entire team at Thermo-Kool would like to wish you a wonderful holiday season and a very happy new year. Below are some pictures from our recent holiday photo booth where the team got to take some fun photos. We look forward to a brighter future for 2021 and are here to help you with all of your blast chilling, shock freezing, and walk-in cooler needs!

    Thermo-Kool Christmas Photo Collage (3)Thermo-Kool Christmas Photo Collage (2)Thermo-Kool Christmas Photo Collage (5)

    Let us know what your favorite holiday treats are in the comments below!

    Happy Holidays & Happy New Year from Thermo-Kool

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