A Message from the President and CEO

    The year 2020 for Thermo-Kool is one that I will never forget and in a strange way, find myself fairly grateful for.

    In late February of this year, we began to formulate a worst-case scenario so that we were not caught flat-footed if COVID-19 restrictions impacted our community and company. Were we expecting what would ultimately become reality? No, but I am proud of our team’s proactive approach in developing and executing a plan that was in the best interest of its employees, national sales representatives, customers, and community.

    Through supplier disruptions, hastily developed state and federal restrictions, working remotely, and absenteeism, – a few even wondered when the swarms of locusts would show up! - our team of employees and sales representatives prevailed with a positive attitude focused on the solution rather than the problem.

    That is why I am grateful for some of the challenges this year presented to Thermo-Kool. Believing that a challenge defines one’s character, I have felt so appreciative as I watched us respond successfully to recent trials. Our team is already stronger and more effective for having experienced 2020.

    While I am disappointed that you cannot see the smiles behind the masked faces of our proud team members in these photographs, know that they are there. I am honored to serve with them all and am thankful for all of you who choose Thermo-Kool as your walk-in and blast chiller supplier.

    My wish is that you too find solace and satisfaction with your own team and family this holiday season and in the year to come.

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