DRC Marketing Group Joins the Thermo-Kool Team

Thermo-Kool recently hired DRC Marketing Group, Herbon, Ohio, to represent Thermo-Kool Walk-In Refrigeration and Blast Chillers & Shock Freezers.

DRC Marketing Group will represent Thermo-Kool in the territory comprised of Kentucky, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. DRC Marketing Group was established in 1987 and has spent the last 37 years cultivating a repertoire of foodservice experience that has fostered both a progressive understanding of the commercial landscape and numerous relationships across the industry. Their impressive portfolio of sales expertise will undoubtedly continue to strengthen Thermo-Kool’s brand and presence in these territories.

Thermo-Kool Inside Sales Manager, Melissa Harrison, commented, “We are excited to have DRC representing Thermo-Kool. With the relationships DRC and our sales team have established over the years, I am confident we will both continue to grow and prosper in their territory.”

Thermo-Kool is located in Laurel, Mississippi, and is a leading manufacturer of Walk-In Refrigeration and Blast Chillers & Shock Freezers.

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