Promotion Announcement - Melissa Harrison, Inside Sales Manager

Thermo-Kool recently announced the promotion of Melissa Harrison to Inside Sales Manager. Harrison began her journey at Thermo-Kool in 2000 and in that time has taken on many roles including, drafter, administrative secretary, and customer account representative. Most recently, Harrison has been the sales supervisor, effectively leading inside sales through the retirement transition of our long tenured Vice President & National Sales Manager and the hiring of our new National Sales Manager. In her new role, Harrison will continue to lead sales and drafting as well assume leadership over the scheduling department.

In announcing Harrison’s promotion, Thermo-Kool President and CEO, Rand McLaughlin, said, “I am extremely proud of Melissa and her positive mindset that she exemplifies every day, especially when faced with adversity. Our management team appreciates Melissa’s “no quit” attitude and her willingness to accept the role of manager and its many responsibilities.”

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