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Preserving Freshness and Profits: Bluezone ROI Calculator for Thermo-Kool Walk-In Coolers

Keeping ingredients fresher for longer can be the difference between a foodservice business making or losing profit every week. With the impact of food waste so high in commercial kitchens, it's important to find ways to combat spoilage, which can be overwhelming and costly. That's where Bluezone® by Middleby comes in to help. 

A revolutionary UV food preservation system, Bluezone helps extend shelf life in walk-in coolers by safeguarding foods from airborne threats such as mold and bacteria. And with the help of the Thermo-Kool Bluezone ROI Calculator, it's easier than ever to serve fresher food and see where your foodservice business is saving money.

Tackling Food Waste: Exploring the Culprits Behind Produce Spoilage

Addressing food waste requires effort from all areas of your school district, healthcare administration, or foodservice business. From ordering ingredients to cooking to serving, taking steps to combat food waste is important for every kitchen. Some of the biggest culprits leading to wasted meals in commercial kitchens include:

Portion Control

Many restaurants and eateries serve large portions to appeal to customers and provide value. Guests will often not finish an oversized meal, and not everyone takes their leftovers. This can lead to food waste.

Handling and Storage

Improper food handling and cold storage practices can cause contamination. Plus, frequent menu changes might lead to excess inventory causing foods to be held past their shelf lives. Clear labeling can help track expiration dates and reduces the chances of food ending up in the trash before it expires. Regularly rotating ingredients will also help minimize food spoiling, which impacts everything in the walk-in.

Education and Training

Making employees and management fully aware of the consequences of food waste can help improve how many ingredients get thrown out prematurely. Focusing on improving inventory management, enhancing handling procedures, and keeping a healthy environment to extend food shelf-life are several ways to help.

Chemical-Free Food Preservation: Discover Bluezone's UV Technology

Preserving food is about more than just eliminating food waste though. According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 1 in 6 people in the United States get ill from a foodborne illness every year. Eradicating some of the damaging contaminants that cause these illnesses also help preserve the life of food. And with Bluezone's UV technology, it's possible to keep food fresh and free of bacteria without using chemicals. 


Using ultraviolet enhanced oxidation, Bluezone Model 2400 attacks the airborne contaminants in a walk-in cooler, eliminating 99.9 percent of mold, bacteria, and ethylene gas. By drawing air into a self-contained chamber, the UV light oxidizes the impurities while ethylene converts to H2O and CO2. Easy to use with a plug-and-play system and with no filters to change continuously, Bluezone can keep food fresher longer while protecting customers' health. 


Introducing The Bluezone ROI Calculator for Thermo-Kool Walk-In Coolers

Thermo-Kool's refrigeration experts created the Bluezone ROI Calculator to help schools, restaurants, hotels, hospitality venues, and any commercial kitchen discover how much they can save with the help of Bluezone by Middleby. 

By answering a few questions about how your kitchen uses its walk-in cooler, the calculator will give your return on investment on purchasing a Bluezone, along with approximately how long it will take to pay the unit off and your yearly waste savings. It's that easy to find out how simple it is to serve fresher food, save money, and have a healthier kitchen. 

Are you ready to see how Bluezone by Middleby can help your foodservice business reduce food waste and increase profits? Get started:

Bluezone ROI Calculator CTA

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