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One Easy Solution to Eliminate Mold Challenges in Walk-In Coolers

Cleanliness and food safety are always critical elements of running any restaurant. While it's relatively easy to clean surfaces in the kitchen, walk-in coolers can often be a challenge. Mold presents a particularly troublesome issue, as it can grow and spread quickly in a cooler if left unchecked. Fortunately, Thermo-Kool and Bluezone by Middleby can help operators keep food fresher and walk-ins cleaner without investing extra labor resources. 

Why a Clean Walk-In Cooler is Non-Negotiable

Some managers and operators assume a cold environment inhibits mold and bacteria growth. While it's true that these elements help slow spread in colder temperatures, they're still alive and looking for food sources. Unfortunately, removing mold is harder once it gets into a cooler.

Cleaning the surfaces of the walk-in cooler is imperative, but other methods can also prevent mold growth. For maximum food safety, operators must also be mindful of the air that gets into the cooler. For example, high-traffic units have more temperature fluctuation, so if mold spores get in, they can spread faster.

Fortunately, a walk-in monitor can help mitigate these problems by notifying operators of dangerous temperature levels that could spur mold and bacteria growth.

Understanding the Mold Challenge

Mold is much more adaptive and resilient than most other pathogens and bacteria. Not only can mold grow easily in a refrigerator, but it also targets foods most bacteria avoid (i.e., those with high salt concentrations).

In a commercial kitchen, a few factors can lead to mold growth, such as inadequate ventilation, temperature fluctuations, and high humidity levels. These factors can be accentuated in busier kitchens. 

When not removed from the cooler, mold can ruin individual items and cause recurring problems. At best, mold could be noticeable on ingredients, causing unhappy customers. In the worst-case scenario, mold can impact ingredients, causing customers to get sick. Neither are ideal situations for foodservice operators.

Revolutionize Walk-In Cooler Maintenance with BlueZone's Mold-Eliminating Solution

Mold spreads in two different ways. First, it moves along surfaces, growing and expanding as it discovers new food and water sources. Second, it can release spores that travel through the air and embed themselves on food items and other surfaces.

Thankfully, Bluezone UV air purification technology can help take care of these airborne spores by trapping and killing them before they have a chance to spread. By mitigating existing mold and preventing new mold varieties from gaining a foothold in the cooler, Bluezone can prevent mold and bacteria from developing later on.

Bluezone draws air into the chamber, where multiple UV lights kill 99.9 percent of mold and bacteria before they can go back out. These UV lights are particularly effective at killing biological pathogens, and because there are multiple layers of lights, virtually nothing can get through the system alive.

Exploring the Versatile Advantages of BlueZone

While mold growth is a big problem, spoilage is another widespread issue. Many restaurants struggle to serve food before it spoils, so they need to use proper storage procedures to extend each product's shelf life.

Fortunately, Bluezone can help with this issue, too, by eliminating airborne bacteria and other pathogens that can lead to spoilage. It's also crucial for workers to store items correctly. For example, liquid spills or condensation can allow bacteria to thrive, so maintaining a dry environment can prevent wasted food. And it's easy to add a Bluezone unit into an existing Thermo-Kool walk-in cooler with no special modifications required!

Thermo-Kool even makes it easier to calculate how much money operators can save with their Bluezone by Middleby ROI calculator. Knowing the cost-savings beforehand makes it easier to greenlight such innovative upgrades.

Find out how profitable it is to prevent mold with the Bluezone/Thermo-Kool partnership:

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