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How Your School Can Save Money with a Reach-In Blast Chiller

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Schools are constantly forced to make tough decisions regarding their budget. Their mission to meet the critical needs of children, combined with notoriously low budgets, often creates impossible scenarios. No school should have to choose between supplying new books or supplying healthier lunch choices. 

Thermo-Kool's TK10-2 reach-in blast chiller is designed to help your school save money. Labor and food costs can be lowered if your food supply can be preserved for a longer time. The blast chiller allows you to confidently buy food for cheaper, bulk prices without the risk of waste. 

Food waste in school is bad for your bottom line and the environment. The money you save with the TK10-2 can be poured back into your school — whether through buying new supplies or splurging for kids' favorite meals. Here are some ways this chiller is perfectly equipped to meet your school's kitchen needs. 

Why does shock freezing work?

No child likes learning on an empty stomach. That means that your kitchen has the huge responsibility of storing enough food to keep students satisfied and energized. 

Though the TK10-2 is self-contained and compact, it has a huge storage capacity that can meet your students' appetites. Its roomy interior can translate into storage space for:

  • Ten (10) GN 1/1 food pans
  • Ten (10) full-size food pans up to 2-1/2" deep
  • Five (5) sheet pans 18" x 26"
  • Twelve (12) 5L gelato/ice cream containers
  • Six (6) 12L gelato/ice cream containers

If its size wasn't kool enough, the TK10-2 also impresses with its performance. It can blast chill up to 75 pounds of food from 165°F to 37°F within just two hours. 55 pounds of product can be frozen within four hours. 


We know that messes go hand-in-hand with school buildings. This blast chiller is designed to be easily cleaned without taking up an abundance of time or effort. Both the interior and exterior of the TK10-2 is constructed from stainless stain, which not only creates a sleek look, but makes it easy to wipe down without stains or wear. 

Both the drain pan and the wire shelving is removable, making it easy to wash and keep tidy. The electrical control and refrigeration panel are located on the top of the machine — specifically designed to be a "no-spill/splash zone." This safe spot for your blast chiller tech will prevent any costly damage to the product and help ensure the longevity of your investment. 


When we say the TK10-2 is made for your school, we don't mean this is a run-of-the-mill chiller that you can "make work" for your situation. This specific product accommodates the typical 18x26 food trays that schools often use for lunchtime food distribution. Beyond that, both the shelving and the legs of the chiller are entirely adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect height for your kitchen. Its six-foot power cord is for your convenience, making installation easy. After all, you shouldn't have to re-arrange your whole kitchen to enjoy a new product! 

Schools do amazing work for their students. Consider the TK10-2 our way of giving back! We're confident this product will offer a beneficial experience at a budget-friendly price... and those savings will only multiply. 

Make the Grade with our Innovative Refrigeration Solutions

If you ever choose to fill your TK10-2 with 12 containers of ice cream, you can trust that the Thermo Kool team will be stopping by for lunchtime! If you're interested in seeing how we can help, we're always happy to provide a free, K-12 refrigeration assessment. Click below to get started.

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