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What Is An Integrated Blast Chiller?

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Your walk-in cooler or freezer can be the key factor in reducing food waste, preventing bacteria and mold from growing or spreading, and providing organization for your kitchen processes. Having a seamless workflow is essential in the kitchen, which is why Thermo-Kool's integrated blast chiller is a top-tier solution for maintaining the quality of all of your food or drink products until it's time to cook and serve them.


As you're aware, there are a multitude of variables that come into play when you're balancing meeting HACCP guidelines with utilizing and optimizing your kitchen space. All while ensuring quality dishes make it from the kitchen to the front of the house for consumers to enjoy. It's a lot like juggling. The integrated blast chiller provides you with the perfect solution for your walk-in cooler or freezer due to how it can be custom-built for your unique set-up. 

Thermo-Kool's blast chillers/shock freezers are built directly into your walk-in freezer or cooler. Rather than installing an entirely new cooler or freezer, we build the chilling systems into what you already have to streamline the cooling process. This saves you time, space, and money. Blast chillers are integrated into your current operation to make the workflow as easy as walking in one door and out another without ever decreasing the quality of your produce.


There is a surplus of benefits that come with blast chiller systems, including, but not limited to, increasing shelf life and operational efficiency. Designed to quickly bring the temperature of products down to 39ºF or lower, you can reduce the risk of potential quality errors from frozen items thawing out. The shock system's fast-reacting freezing capability also ensures food is frozen as a whole rather than freezing from the outside in and potentially running the risk of bacteria growing or the food becoming soggy while trying to preserve it.

Not only does the quick preservation of properly frozen and stored foods help maintain the quality of products, but it prevents the loss of flavor and extends the shelf life of items. This can be beneficial in helping reduce wasted food, which can save you money on needing to replace items that would otherwise go bad.

An integrated blast chiller helps cut back on the turnover rate of food, increases and maintains the quality, and is a seamless addition to the cooler and freezer systems you're already using. This not only allows you to provide a higher quality service to consumers, but it can make the kitchen feel less stressful and run more efficiently. It also reduces time spent throwing out items that have gone to waste.

For more information on how Thermo-Kool's blast chillers can help your school, ghost kitchen, restaurant, or healthcare facility, request a quote from our Thermo-Kool experts.

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