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Practical Uses for an Integrated Blast Chiller

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Your walk-in cooler or freezer is essential to your foodservice operation. It's the main solution to preserving the quality of your product and having a long-term addition such as Thermo-Kool's Integrated Blast Chiller can be the key factor in reducing waste, decreasing energy consumption, and much more. The idea is that by integrating a blast chilling/shock freezing system into your already existing cooler or freezer, you can extend the shelf life of food and allow your staff to focus on other details of service. 


When using a blast chiller, reliability is only a small portion of the features that make the add-on such a great investment for schools and restaurants. The chiller ensures that food is kept cold from the moment it's delivered until it becomes part of an ordered dish and needs to be cooked. Chill settings allow you to move food safely through the danger zone as easily as you'd walk through the cooler's door, dropping the item's temperature to around 38ºF. This means that your products are cooled or frozen almost immediately after they're stored in order to retain great quality, flavor, and extend the shelf life


Shock freezing operations make Thermo-Kool's Blast Chiller an efficient option in various areas of the foodservice industry, including healthcare facilities and more. Since the chiller is built directly into your current freezer or cooler, it can help create better usage of your cooler's space and increase your ability to store enough food to meet consumer demand. This is great for schools, bakeries, restaurants, and other operations that see a lot of traffic.

Since you're not sacrificing quality and you're reducing product waste, you can better prepare for rush hour services such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner periods. Not only can the blast chiller provide you with increased preservation, but it can also enable you to keep your cooler closer to full capacity without the concern of spreading bacteria or food molding. 


In addition to creating a pathway where you can cut back on the cost of products and reduce waste, a blast chiller can be used to diversify your menu. By safely freezing and cooling food for storing, you can expand your menu. A blast chiller is designed to be custom-oriented for your specific freezer or cooler, making it easy to store more products without the worry of it going bad. This allows you to offer more menu items to clients by increasing space value. For schools, you may want to include pizzas, or for bakeries, additional chocolates - the options are limitless, and you can diversify your menu with anything your consumers would love. 

A chiller is designed to be state of the art and allows you to mass-produce food while following HACCP guidelines with ease. Your team can seamlessly enter the cooler, grab what they need, and exit without ever having to worry about disrupting or altering the temperature your food products are stored at. No matter how big or small your kitchen space is, a blast chiller is installed to meet your specific needs. 


If you're still not sold on the benefits and uses of blast chillers, we invite you to set up a free assessment of our integrated blast chillers to see how they can optimize your cooler or freezer and benefit your foodservice operation. 

Ready to move forward and discover what the blast chiller can do for you? Get a free assessment with our Thermo-Kool experts below. 

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