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One Use for Your Walk-In Refrigerator That Just Might Save Your Life

Thermo-Kool Walk-In Durability

We all know walk-ins are critical to foodservice operations. From saving energy to reducing food waste, they can have important roles in making sure operations are efficient and successful. And when you use the right walk-in that's constructed with the best practices, it can do much more than protect your food. Let us explain.

Last year was difficult enough, right? With all we went through as a nation, April became a particularly rough month for the small town of Soso, Mississippi (a town located a mere twenty minutes from Thermo-Kool’s hometown). On the 16th, Easter Sunday, a large tornado ripped through the region. It was so large, it shattered state records for size and is the third widest tornado ever on record in US history.

Rated an EF4, the storm cut a 68-mile-long path through parts of five counties in our state. Local news captured aerial photographs of the storm, that, unfortunately, claimed the lives of 11 people. It was a horrific event here in Mississippi in what was ultimately a trying year. The storm even impacted some of our own employees.

What's this have to do with walk-ins? Check out these images, and you'll see.

Walk-In CoolerThermo-Kool Walk-InWalk-In Cooler Thermo-KoolThermo-Kool Durability

When we're young, we're always taught to find the safest room in the house if a tornado ever strikes, often a room on the interior of the building, without windows. In this case, that room was a walk-in. Thermo-Kool's walk-in units are created for durability. As you can see, they can even withstand the impacts of a major tornado, and in this case, was the only structure to remain standing. 

Hopefully, a disaster never strikes your operation. But if it does, you can rely on the durability of Thermo-Kool's walk-in units to stay standing. Contact one of our experts at Thermo-Kool to receive a personalized quote.

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