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Food Waste Statistics and Trends You Should Know

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Nobody starts their day intending to be wasteful, but the truth is we can all do a little better when it comes to improving our waste game. According to the US Department of Agriculture, one third of all available food in the world goes uneaten due to loss or waste. Bloomberg reported that results from a national survey concluded 160 billion dollars goes to waste in valued food each year. That's almost 50% of the food supply in the United States alone. So, what's being done to reduce those high numbers when it comes to food waste, and how can you help out?

First, let's understand why we can be so wasteful without meaning to be.

One of the top reasons we throw so much out is that many of us worry about food sitting in our refrigerators getting old, and leading to things like food poisoning. We tend to look at dates on the packaging that recommend us 'best-by' dates and assume that food isn't good or fresh beyond those dates. However, that's not always the case. More often than not, those dates are suggestions for when it should be sold but not how long you have before it goes bad. While prioritizing safety is definitely important, most of us don't know how to accurately tell if food has gone bad.

In addition to throwing out food that's potentially good, we also toss out leftovers quite often. Whether we cook too much for the family, or we invite some friends over and over-serve, food often goes to waste simply because we made too much.

When these forms of waste are combined, it adds up quickly. The USDA estimated that for every person, we waste approximately 219 pounds of food per year.


Creator and provider of some of the most helpful solutions, Thermo-Kool has the answers you need. Utilizing walk-in refrigerator, blast chiller, and shock freezer options to preserve food, you can extend the shelf life on produce. Each appliance is designed specifically to help reduce wastefulness and assist in improving your service.

Blast chilling and shock freezing can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Increased shelf life - Extend the life of your food by safely preserving it at a temperature of 37°F to 39°F for up to five days.
  • Improve your food's quality - You can preserve your food's flavor by preventing loss of aroma and moisture.
  • Reduce Food Costs - By increasing the shelf life of your food, you can reduce how much you throw out as well as keep food fresh for longer, which reduces the amount you spend to replace it. 
  • Increase Productivity - Blast chillers and shock freezers are the ultimate solutions for batch cooking. You can maximize productivity without jeopardizing the quality of your food.

You'll find a surplus of benefits with Thermo-Kool's latest equipment, including saving on labor costs and increasing your ROI. However, the best part is being able to reduce your eco-footprint and lessen how much you're wasting each year. If you're ready to see how a blast chiller, shock freezer, or walk-in cooler can benefit your foodservice facility, reach out to the experts by clicking below to get in touch with us and download our assessment sheet.

Blast Chiller/Shock Freezer Assessment Sheet

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