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Walk-Ins That Withstand the Test of Time

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Depending on the production service and volume, every customer's need for refrigeration or freezing will vary. While there are different products that serve specific functions, one thing is a universal need for any customer. Choosing durable walk-ins is vital.

Whether it's for a store, restaurant, or any commercial establishment in the foodservice industry, walk-in cooler durability extends product capacity, preserves stock and supplies, ensures health regulations, and provides safety. When choosing a walk-in cooler or freezer, it is important to assess the product's build, specifically the individual components. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a walk-in freezer or cooler.


One of the first things to observe is the flooring of the unit. A sturdy base is one of the most important aspects of a durable walk-in because it determines how much weight the unit can sustain. Based on the walk-in’s functional purpose, a customer may only need a few hundred pounds while another might need several thousand pounds or more.


Doors take a lot of abuse. Constant opening and closing of a door can yield a surprising amount of wear-and-tear within a relatively short time. So, it is important to choose a unit with a fabricated door. These types of doors are composed of strong material, able to withstand massive weight, excessive heat, or cold, and can maintain structural integrity that other doors may not.


A durable walk-in freezer or refrigerator should be as secure as possible, particularly when it comes to how tightly it seals. It is a good idea to make sure that each panel has high-quality locking mechanisms to prevent air leaks throughout the walk-in unit. When those panels can be configured to within the inch, it also makes optimal use of the operation's footprint. Look for a walk-in that provides...


As mentioned before, every foodservice establishment is unique. Needs, services, clientele, and facility space vary for each one. So, finding a “flexible” walk-in cooler is crucial, but it is even more important to find a manufacturer that has the ability to make it so. In this sense, flexibility means customizable. Whether a walk-in cooler can actually fit into a space is one of the primary considerations for its durability. If the freezer or refrigerator cannot fit the space, then a customer might have to sacrifice quality and functionality for a less adequate unit. If the manufacturer can create a custom fit, product flexibility can be achieved.

Disaster proof

A durable walk-in refrigerator or freezer can actually save lives. Natural disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods) are sometimes unpredictable and spontaneous. Fires and crime are also events that can facilitate emergency situations that are life-threatening. Based on a 2017 National Fire Protection Association report, 61 percent of structure fires in eating and drinking establishments are caused by cooking equipment in kitchens. Crime data indicates that restaurants are the eighth-most frequent setting for violent crimes, convenience stores are the fourth, and grocery stores are thirteenth on the list. No matter what the potential threat, having a durable walk-in cooler or freezer will help to mitigate the impacts of catastrophe. 

How do you know if your walk-in is built to last? We put together a short but comprehensive checklist that will walk you through the features to look for when selecting a walk-in for durability.

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