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What to Look for When Purchasing A Walk-in Cooler

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Having a walk-in cooler is an essential part of many businesses. Breweries, restaurants, bakeries, and hotels all utilize a walk-in to help with their day-to-day operations. But every walk-in cooler isn't built alike. Looking for certain distinct features when comparing products can help see a quicker return on investment and help save money.

Lasting Craftmanship

Walk-in cooler craftsmanship is probably the most critical aspect of purchasing a new unit. Consumers want a brand-name company that has an excellent reputation in the industry for fine-tuning the smallest details, which reflects positively on their craftsmanship. A well-crafted walk-in, like Thermo-Kool units, will ensure durability, longevity, and proper functionality for the life cycle of the unit.

Air Tight Doors

Doors are a critical consideration when purchasing a new walk-in model. The buyer needs to ensure they are highly functional to trap the cold air but can be customized for unique features. The Thermo-Kool doors are standard construction with a u-channel frame and a hydraulic door closure system, which works to create an airtight seal and ensure the doors are properly shut every time. The door also features break-away hardware, a dial thermometer, and vapor-proof light fixtures to maintain a prominent level of brightness inside the unit.

Durable Panel Construction

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If considering a Thermo-Kool walk-in, panel construction utilizes an innovative process combining a low-density urethane core insulation with their patented Durathane high-density structural frame. This combination delivers superior insulation, durability, and strength for all cooler panels. This patented technology sets Thermo-Kool apart from the competition and is backed by a 10-year warranty. The DURATHANE panels create an air-tight, positive seal when in place to ensure no hot air enters the unit and the cold air remains circulating inside. Furthermore, the foam panels feature zero ozone-depleting HFO solstice.

A Choice of Floors

Customers have the option to order walk-in coolers with or without the flooring panels. The decision depends on the intended use of the unit and the space layout. Most coolers include floors, which are constructed from smooth aluminum. This is beneficial when using fully-loaded transport carts or heavy-duty shelving units.

Floors are necessary when the walk-in is sitting above a warm, insulated area or basement. Thermo-Kool utilizes Dura-Floor, which can support up to 12,000-points per square foot and is tested according to ASTM Standard Designation Specifications. Additionally, Thermo-Kool floors are available in treadplate aluminum, to offer the best grip, smooth aluminum, stainless steel, or galvanized steel that is covered with concrete or tiles.


From large to small requirements, customized coolers offer an endless number of options. The best walk-ins allow for scalability and future upgrading options, so a new unit doesn’t have to be purchased. Consumers can customize add helpful accessories, beef up the insulation and sealing systems, and choose other cooling options.

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For instance, Thermo-Kool walk-in coolers feature panels manufactured in 1-inch increments with 1 x 1-inch corners, allowing them to be quality controlled, low cost, and interchangeable. Also, consumers have the option of customizing the metal finishes to fit the kitchen décor. Finishes include aluminum, galvanized, stainless steel, custom painted, and white baked-on enamel.

Finding the right walk-in cooler can be a difficult challenge due to the number of options on the market. However, like with all products, not every cooler is created equal. Craftsmanship, customization, doors, flooring, and panel construction are some of the most critical considerations when purchasing a new cooling unit. Thermo-Kool offers a variety of walk-in coolers that can be customized to meet the needs of the consumer while offering high-quality and durable construction that will last many years to come!

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