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Benefits of Using a Blast Chiller to Preserve Chocolate

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Chocolate is a treat that people enjoy worldwide. From milk-based delicacies to sugar and cream-filled delights, there are so many ways you can perfect the rewarding snack.

Unfortunately, like many sweets, if you don't keep chocolate refrigerated it can become a puddle of melted goo that loses flavor and quality. Solutions like blast chillers are helpful in preventing mishaps when it comes to all of your chocolate and cold storage needs with specialty foods. They're also great at helping preserve natural and crafted flavors so that your consumers receive the top-quality products you create.


One of the many benefits of using a blast chiller to preserve your chocolate is that you can shock freeze items as you make them so that you can serve and sell them later. Thermo-Kool's blast chillers help increase shelf life by reducing the temperature at a much faster rate than your average cooler. Not only does this help preserve the quality of your chocolates, but it assists in preventing the spread of bacteria that may stick to your sweets should they be left out in the open for an extended period of time. By freezing them, bacteria can no longer settle as easily and this helps ensure your chocolates are long-lasting.


It may not seem like a refrigerator or cooling system can help when it comes to managing labor, but that's untrue. With blast chillers, you're able to better schedule labor according to business needs. These shock freezers allow you to store product, which can allow you to produce more product over periods of time rather than sporadically throughout the day. By doing so, you can reduce the need for labor by preparing more product to start with and placing it in the blast chiller for later use.


Another great benefit of utilizing blast chiller/shock freezers is you don't need as much space. Rather than spending money paying for larger freezers, you can choose your blast chiller size to meet your foodservice operation's needs. This can free up space in the kitchen and allow you to focus on keeping the area clear as well as reduce compromising the quality of your food. You can choose from reach-in and roll-in blast freezers to meet your needs, which can greatly help you lower energy consumption and further put money back in your pocket.

When it comes to blast chillers, they can help you increase opportunities for your menu. With the ability to produce and prepare dishes, as well as safely store them, you can test your creativity and add new items to your menu without worrying about the food going to waste.

How do you know if a blast chiller or shock freezer is right for your operation?

If you're thinking about pursuing new opportunities to help reduce food waste, increase productivity, and cut costs on variables that aren't helping optimize your foodservice operation, download our Blast Chiller & Shock Freezer Assessment Sheet below. 

Blast Chiller/Shock Freezer Assessment Sheet

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