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With the love of pizza continuing to grow each year, the need to maximize the taste and quality of your dishes has never been more prominent. For many pizzerias or cafeterias with pizza on their rotation, the use of blast chilling has proven to be successful and ideal in maintaining the quality of their pizza. You can enjoy several benefits with a blast chiller in your restaurant and see what others are regularly experiencing.


Restaurants serving pizza are known to order and hold lots of different ingredients in their inventory. Everything from your walk-in cooler to your freezer is full of ingredients used to make the different dishes you offer your customers. Numerous ingredients is also a battle that many restaurant owners face because preserving these ingredients and maintaining their freshness is not always easy.

This is where a blast chiller proves to be useful.

When these ingredients are used on your pizza, you can blast chill cooked pizza in reduced time. This freezes them in place, maintaining crispy textures and protecting the quality of the toppings on your pizza. When you make homemade pizza dough for your pizzas, you want that crust to carry over after the pizza is frozen and then reheated to be served. With a blast chiller, the dough does not lose its texture.


Trying to freeze pizza without a blast chiller can be a challenge in terms of food safety. To safely freeze cooked food, you need to get it from warm to frozen without allowing an environment for bacteria to grow on your food. Since the freezing process happens at a much faster rate, the ingredients on your pizza stay out of the danger zone where bacteria can grow and make your customers sick. 

When you can safely freeze your products, you can reduce inventory waste. The blast chiller allows you to keep the product that is already cooked, allowing your product to last longer and reduce the waste in your kitchen.


When you include a blast chiller among your kitchen equipment, you can reduce the space you need. Large, oversized freezers are no longer necessary unless your kitchen requires the use of a chiller that large. Blast chillers come in various sizes, allowing you to get the freezer you need and use that space more efficiently in your kitchen. When you reduce the size of your appliances, you can save on your energy bill, reducing how much you are using daily and adding to the bottom line. 

While you are reducing space, you are also able to reduce labor. Because you are saving on inventory and store products, you can reduce your prep time and cut unnecessary hours in the kitchen for your staff. You have more flexibility with your staff and redirecting their job duties also, if necessary.


With the installation of a new blast chiller in your commercial kitchen, you have the flexibility to diversify your menu if you would like, adding a variety of pizzas to fit your customer preferences and increase the flow of traffic in your kitchen. Feel as creative as you would like, knowing you can safely store these products for when you need them next.

Ready for your own blast chiller?

With all the options that blast chillers offer your menu and kitchen, the time to make the switch is now. An investment in a blast chiller from Thermo-Kool will have your kitchen saving money and running more efficiently. Speak with one of our expert team members to learn more about how a blast chiller can help your pizza business get a piece of the pie. 

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