How Blast Chillers and Shock Freezers Can Help School Cafeterias Be More Productive

Thermo-Kool Help School Cafeterias Be More Productive-2School nutritionists and their staffs have to juggle many tasks. In addition to serving children meals several times a day, the cafeteria staff must also cook nutritious meals, prepare food for future meals, and maintain a clean, safe environment. Having methods to be more productive helps staff get everything completed. And having a blast chiller and shock freezer in the school cafeteria kitchen can help. 

Maintaining HACCP With Automation

Preventing foodborne illnesses and maintaining a food safety management program also involves keeping records to control biological, physical, and chemical hazards from getting in food. That method of management is known as HACCP, or Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. Internationally used to help with maintaining the safety of food, HACCP records must to kept easily accessible for when inspections are held. Thermo-Kool Blast Chillers have a USB connection and an SD/USB memory card port, allowing schools to store records electronically and automatically. Removing the need for a cafeteria staff member to have to input the information manually, eliminating the chance of human error, and removing the need for a printer. 

Preventing Foodborne Illness

Food safety is a top concern of school cafeteria staff. Foodborne illnesses affect approximately 48 million people in the United States every year. And children face much higher risks with foodborne diseases because of their less developed immune systems. Blast chillers and shock freezers can get cooked foods to the right temperature for storage while avoiding the food danger zone. With shelves to hold hotel pans or sheets, schools are able to bring foods down in temperature safely and in bulk. Saving time both while doing prep work ahead of schedule or storing leftovers to help prevent food waste

Eliminating Food Waste

Food waste is a significant problem in the foodservice industry, especially for school nutritionists. Controlling food waste not only keeps trash out of the landfills but also helps add menu versatility options and helps save money. When leftovers are preserved with a shock freezer, the texture and taste of food are maintained and food is able to be stored safely for up to a year. Shock freezers and blast chillers also allow schools to purchase in bulk, which saves money and lets staff do some cooking in advance. And don't forget being able to purchase food in season and shock freezing it for later use. 

Keeping It Clean, Easily

Constructed from one hundred percent 304 stainless steel inside and out, Thermo-Kool Blast Chillers and Shock Freezers are easy to clean with little effort, even after large spills. With removable wire shelves and drip pans, messes can be washed and sanitized to health department standards. Walls and doors are easy to wipe down and controls and refrigeration are strategically placed on top of units to ensure food doesn't splash on them. Preventing damage to the equipment that could put it out of service. 

Ready to see if your K-12 school would benefit from having a blast chiller and shock freezer in your cafeteria? Take our assessment below to receive a FREE quote. 

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