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Blast Chilling & Shock Freezing During the Holidays

Holiday Leftovers

No matter how tough 2020 has been, the holidays are upon us and offering that cheery and homemade menu is comforting for people of all ages. And with the holidays comes an abundance of food and plenty of leftovers. Below are the benefits of blast chilling and shock freezing to help your commercial kitchen store the surplus of product you’ll need for the holiday rush and preserve the leftovers safely.

Preserve Leftovers

Whether it is sides, entrees, or desserts, you can preserve these leftovers to use again in the near future or as desserts with dishes in the following week. Through shock freezing and blast chilling, you can easily preserve leftovers safely and maintain their quality. Many ingredients and dishes can be reused throughout the holidays, which allows you to cut your waste cost significantly and save on additional inventory.

By shock freezing food, these dishes can freeze in their current state and will thaw with the same quality they were frozen with. Reheating and distributing to customers in a healthcare facility or school cafeteria is easy and manageable. If you have made too many dishes, you are able to save them and then reuse them the next day as a side for the prepared meals.

Enhance Cook Times

When cooking holiday dishes for your customers, you want to embrace that homemade taste and offer a flavor that has been cooking or cooling for hours. In order to beat that time table, you can use blast chilling and shock freezing to speed up the cooling process of your dishes when you bake them so you can finish dressing them and preparing them for distribution.

Retain Nutrients 

For school cafeterias and healthcare facilities, storing food, and maintaining their nutrients is essential. Being able to provide not only tasty dishes but dishes that will improve and maintain positive health for their customers is at the core of their menu. With blast chilling, the nutrients are preserved in the food when it is cooled so that when it is warmed and served at a later date, the nutrients will be there for your customers.

Reduce Bacteria Growth

Because of the strong temperature contrast that happens with blast chilling and shock freezing, bacteria do not have an opportunity to form on your food. Trying to maintain food safety is already a critical task, but with holiday dishes and the various ingredients they call for, it can be much more challenging to protect your dishes. Because of how fast these dishes cool and freeze, there is no time for bacteria to cultivate and grow, adversely affecting your dishes.

How do you know if a blast chiller or shock freezer is right for your operation?

We've put together a simple Blast Chiller and Shock Freezer Assessment Sheet to help you determine how much your kitchen could benefit from these capabilities. Download the sheet today, complete five simple questions, and rate your operation on how useful blast chilling can be.

Blast Chiller/Shock Freezer Assessment Sheet


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