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Financial and Environmental Benefits of Blast Chillers in Waste Reduction

Expanding food and beverage menus to attract revenue and reduce food waste is challenging. With the help of a blast chiller, though, foodservice operators can easily maintain competitiveness, food safety, and profitability while also helping maintain customer satisfaction.

Commercial blast chillers provide significant financial benefits and an efficient way for chefs to prepare and store ingredients for extended periods safely. Blast chillers help minimize food waste by rapidly cooling cooked food, extending its shelf life, and reducing the risk of spoilage. 

From luxury dining to quick-serve restaurants and school kitchens, cost savings come quickly when food and beverage managers don’t have to replenish inventory continuously.

Preservation Pays Off: Securing Profits with the Art of Blast Chilling

By rapidly cooling hot food to a safe temperature, blast chillers use new technology and powerful refrigeration systems like fans to circulate cold air around food to reduce the risk of spoilage and extend the shelf life.

Blast chillers serve as a chef's secret weapon against food waste. By slowing down bacterial growth food doesn't spoil as quickly, ensuring food remains safe to consume. Using a blast chiller also gives better cold storage management and portion control, allowing caterers and commercial kitchen staff to prepare larger batches of food in advance and store it safely for future breakfast, lunch, or dinner services.

Go green with Thermo-Kool

The Green Cooling Revolution: How Thermo-Kool Blast Chillers Save Money and Promote Environmental Responsibility

Practicing proper food chilling techniques in the foodservice industry is crucial to reducing food waste and preserving the planet. Sustainable commercial blast chillers put the environment first by reducing energy usage while contributing to decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and combatting climate change.

Compliant solutions, such as 448A refrigerant-certified blast chillers, maintain food quality and conserve precious resources. When using a 448A blast chiller in a commercial kitchen, methane emissions from decomposing food are reduced, and there’s less strain on landfill capacities. Blast chillers also help reduce needless spending and control the use of natural resources such as water, energy, and raw materials.

Safeguarding Success: Thermo-Kool Blast Chillers for Foodservice Operators

In a recent Bloomberg survey, 60 percent of foodservice establishments admitted to being understaffed even with the pandemic seemingly in the rearview mirror. 

Reducing labor costs is critical to helping foodservice operators allocate kitchen resources more effectively. Adding a blast chiller to your kitchen automates and streamlines food chilling. Those features give more time to your cooking staff so they can focus on core responsibilities, such as culinary creativity, menu development, and food quality. Making it a great solution for hotel chains, schools, QSRs, caterers, and hospitality venues.

The Thermo-Kool Difference

Thermo-Kool is the industry leader in cutting-edge commercial refrigeration solutions for the food and beverage industry. Our industry leading real-time order tracker allows customers to track the progress of refrigeration orders from purchase date through assembly and shipping. So you're always in the know of where your walk-in is, from start to finish. Our team of experts is with you every step of the way, helping your provide quality food products to your customers and helping increase your profits. 

Is a blast chiller the right option for your foodservice business? Take our quiz to find out:

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