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How Blast Chillers Can Help During Labor Shortages

Labor Shortage

Are you currently dealing with a labor shortage? If you're like most foodservice operations today, the labor crunch can be felt considerably, and you may be wondering how you can meet the needs of your customers and clients even though you may not have enough staff members available. One of the ways to do this is to use a blast chiller or a shock freezer.

Blast chillers are the solution you need to increase productivity, meet the needs of your customers, and maintain your cash flow as you try to find the necessary labor to help you. What are a few ways blast chillers may be able to help you during a labor shortage? Take a look at some key points below, and remember to reach out to a professional who can help you

What Does a Blast Chiller Do?

A blast chiller can help you preserve your food for a longer amount of time. That way, you can extend the shelf-life of your food, reduce the amount of daily cooking you have to do, and save time on your food preparation. You may be able to prepare your food in advance, make your food in bulk, and put your limited staff members to work elsewhere. If you are currently low on staff, this could be one of the ways you can make up for a shortage of hands in the kitchen. 

Take Advantage of the Automation Features

One of the biggest reasons that a blast chiller helps with labor challenges is automation. Automation is one of the biggest trends in the foodservice industry, as it can help you streamline your operations from food preparation to cooking. Blast chillers can help you take advantage of automating the overnight thawing process. For example, Thermo-Kool blast chillers have a built-in overnight thaw function. You can alternate between warm air and cold air, helping you preserve your food when necessary while also thawing it overnight. That way, it is ready to go when you arrive in your kitchen.

Set it and Forget It

Operators of any skill level can take advantage of the precise controls available on Thermo-Kool blast chillers that allow them to operate the equipment with confidence, resting easy knowing that the consistency and quality of the food meet even the highest of standards.

Kitchen Staff

Make More Product With a Labor Shortage

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of a blast chiller is that you can make more product even with a labor shortage. Make batch cooking more practical, helping you maximize the productivity of your kitchen staff. Schedule your labor according to the needs of your business. Even produce more product over a longer amount of time instead of sporadically making food throughout the day.

Furthermore, you can expand your menu without having to hire more people. With a limited staff, your operation is able to handle a variety of menu items that don't lose freshness or quality. Thanks to blast chillers, your staff won't be overwhelmed with additional tasks, they'll be overwhelmed with the time they just saved.

Is a Blast Chiller Right for You?

These are just a few of the many benefits you will enjoy if you decide to go with a blast chiller or a shock freezer. At the same time, is this right for you? Take the blast chiller quiz to find out more about how this appliance might be able to benefit your business.

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