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Improving operational efficiencies and saving money are top priorities for foodservice operators every year. Making sure food is stored properly and that there's no waste happening are always top priorities. Sometimes it can feel like these goals aren't achieveable. However, with Thermo-Kool blast chillers, it's easy to protect food and increase production while reducing the demand for labor and energy. So, why should operators invest in a blast chiller, and how do they find the best one for their foodservice business?

Maintaining Food Safety and Menu Diversity

Too much food is wasted when dishes go uneaten even before they are purchased, leaving expensive ingredients to lose flavor while sitting on a shelf. Meals that sit too long lose all vibrancy and have the wrong flavor profiles. Thermo-Kool's blast chillers and shock freezers are designed with advanced food preservation methods to minimize waste for commercial kitchens of all sizes. Blast chilling and shock freezing offer several advantages. One key benefit is safe food storage from 37°F to 39°F for up to five days, allowing chefs to reduce waste and maintain flavor, aroma, and moisture, ultimately improving the quality of every meal.


Blast chillers and shock freezers facilitate batch cooking, increasing productivity without compromising culinary excellence. With the ability to quickly chill and freeze foods, commercial chefs can prepare and store a broader range of ingredients and dishes in advance. This includes sauces, soups, stocks, and even desserts, which can be stored until needed, allowing for more diverse menu options. Thermo-Kool's blast chillers enable chefs to experiment with new and seasonal ingredients that may be unavailable. By preserving featured ingredients at their peak freshness, foodservice businesses can incorporate them into menus year-round and offer customers a diverse culinary experience.

Batch cooking with a blast chiller allows kitchen teams to prepare larger quantities of menu items in advance and store them for future use. Cooking batches of food this way creates efficiencies that allow for a broader selection of menu items and quicker service during peak times. 

Blast Chillers are for Every Commercial Kitchen

Blast chillers empower commercial kitchens of any size to offer multi-course tasting menus and themed dining experiences. With a Thermo-Kool blast chiller, chefs can prepare batches of hot dogs and chicken tenders or intricate components like delicate sauces, garnishes, and complex desserts in advance. Hotel, country club, and restaurant chefs can quickly assemble plates right when orders are placed.

Use innovative equipment like Thermo-Kool’s multi-use blast chillers for batch cooking to expand menus and decrease wait times without sacrificing food quality. Selecting the right blast chiller is crucial to ensure a smooth integration that aligns with each commercial kitchen's size and unique operational needs. It's essential to carefully consider supply and demand trends when choosing the most cost-effective blast chiller, as this can significantly reduce foodservice costs.

Thermo-Kool offers a modular blast chiller and shock freezer system that operators can seamlessly integrate into your walk-in cooler or freezer. It has a patented modular chiller system and a fully equipped electronic control system, ready for quick electrical connections. In addition, a range of roll-in cabinet blast chillers and shock freezers are designed to meet diverse kitchen requirements. Each cabinet functions independently and is equipped with its controller and condensing unit.

Blast chillers and shock freezers by Thermo-Kool offer unique features that allow chefs to simultaneously cook foods like meats, veggies, and fish, accommodating fluctuating production needs without taking employees away from other kitchen tasks.  

Revolutionary Blast Chiller Selector Tool 

As the leading manufacturer of commercial blast chillers and shock freezers, Thermo-Kool offers an extensive product line to meet the needs of chefs in the healthcare, education, hospitality, and foodservice industries. Thermo-Kool's Blast Chillers & Shock Freezers offering includes:

  • Eight Self-Contained Models: Available as one independent cavity or with up to four. Chilling capacity is significant, going from 165 degrees Fahrenheit to 37 degrees Fahrenheit within two hours.
  • Twelve Roll-In Models: Each exceeds Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) guidelines. Roll-in units can be set for use as manual or fully automatic. With four-inch foamed-in-place DURATHANE and 100 percent urethane tongue and groove, many blast chillers are equipped with thaw cycles.

In our continued commitment to helping foodservice operators cut costs and delight hungry guests, Thermo-Kool developed a quick and comprehensive Blast Chiller Product Selector Tool. The Selector Tool is a one-of-a-kind resource created to help chefs by offering personalized recommendations based on answers to a series of cooking and process questions.

Are you ready to see how the Blast Chiller Selector Tool can help your commercial kitchen save time and money? Get started:

Blast chiller product selector

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