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Keep Your Inventory Safe with a Thermo-Kool Walk-In Monitor System

Thermo-Kool Walk-in Monitor System

Reducing food waste has become more than a daily challenge. With walk-in coolers, the maintenance can seem like an overload if you're not personally on-site to adjust the temperature, routinely clean your cooler, and check inventory.

Perishables that aren't quickly thrown out have been known to produce bacteria and mold that can spread throughout your freezer. This can be costly and leave you ordering products that you wouldn't need if the items had been properly disposed of or protected by a cooler that assists in extending the lifetime.


When using Thermo-Kool's walk-in monitoring system, you receive both high and low alarms to help aid with temperature monitoring solutions. By installing a monitoring system, you can easily keep track of cleaning the evaporator, discharge lines, cooling coils, and fluid levels. This is due to the consistency of tracking irregularities in temperature. Thermo-Kool's monitoring system gauges air probe offset adjustment so that issues never go unnoticed. 

Benefits you can look forward to:

  • Built-in power failure that alarms alert you the second an incident occurs, allowing you to take the necessary actions in relocating items to another cooler space as needed. 
  • HACCP Compliant
  • Two-compartment temperature monitoring for specialty produce
  • Notifications and alarms when the door to the cooler is opened in case someone doesn't shut it completely

The list of benefits goes on when it comes to this monitoring system. With compartment identification, you'll retain full control of the stressors that come along with keeping your inventory safe. In addition to all of the advantages that come with this system, you can rely on 100 – 240 VAC universal power, allowing you to use the system in any operation. 

Ready to learn more about Thermo-Kool's innovative walk-in monitor system?

Do you want or need to see changes in reducing food waste and help with keeping your inventory safe? Contact us today to discuss your foodservice goals. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure your needs are met with the latest technology like Thermo-Kool's monitoring system.

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