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    Making Holiday Baking Easier With A Blast Chiller or Shock Freezer

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    From prep work to selling, baking for the holidays can involve a lot of time and energy. Make the process easier by using a blast chiller or shock freezer to help with that holiday rush in your commercial kitchen. 

    Proofing Bread

    Serving and selling holiday bread such as stollens, panettone, and challah can help customers get into the holiday spirit. The process of baking intricate loaves of bread can slow down your commercial kitchen, so use a blast chiller or shock freezer to get ahead of the game. By preparing and proofing the dough and then preserving it, your kitchen staff can get ahead of the game on slower days and then bake a few days later once the bread is needed. This is also a great way for bakeries to prepare in advance orders taken from customers and get organized for the holiday rush.   

    Prepping Dough 

    When making all those dozens of Christmas cookies, having the dough prepared in advance can save your team lots of time. By preparing the cookie dough, cutting them out, and then blast chilling or shock freezing the dough, the kitchen staff can get ahead of rush periods and have the product ready to put in the oven at a moment's notice. It doesn't matter if you're baking cut sugar cookies, drop cookies, or biscotti. The ability to use a blast chiller or shock freezer allows you to preserve the quality of your dough, even though you won't be using it immediately. Allowing your staff not to have to wake up early in the morning to start the cookie dough making process. 

    Shipping Product 

    Many customers love to send baked goods to their loved ones, but don't have the time or skill set to do it themselves. This is a great opportunity for a local bakery or restaurant to offer to ship product for additional profits. But how to get the bread, gingerbread, or cookies to the recipient in good condition? Use a shock freezer! Once breads and cookies are fully cooked, shock freezing is the best way to preserve its quality before sending it out. 

    Have questions if a blast chiller is right for your foodservice business? Download our FREE quiz to find out. 

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