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Blast Chilling 101: Understanding the Basics and Benefits

For restaurants and other foodservice operations, food preservation is crucial for the health and safety of workers and customers. One of the best ways to cool food quickly and keep it cold is via blast chilling.

What Is Blast Chilling, and How Does It Work?

Blast chilling is a process of cooling food by forcing cold air over it to bring it to the proper temperature. Cooling faster than traditional methods while also staying out of the food danger zone, blast chillers also reduce the number of ice crystals that can form on the surface preventing freezer burn and food waste

Ultimately, there are different ways to incorporate a blast chiller into an operation. In many cases, it depends on volume, space, layout, and other factors. Since every foodservice operation is different, the team at Thermo-Kool has developed a series of blast chillers to help accommodate specific needs.


Exploring the Different Types of Blast Chillers From Thermo-Kool

Thermo-Kool blast chillers are user-friendly and provide flexibility by offering roll-in, self-contained, and integrated options. 

Roll-In Cooler

Essentially a walk-in cooler with a blast chiller built-in, a roll-in model is ideal for new restaurants building their backend space from scratch. Also, restaurants that need to replace their walk-ins can swap the old model for a roll-in chiller.


Don't have room for a roll-in? Self-contained blast chillers are more compact and easy to access. This option works best for restaurants that want to add a blast chiller in addition to the walk-in or other refrigeration equipment they already own.


Installing a new walk-in cooler is expensive, so operators can choose to install a blast chiller onto the wall of their existing unit instead. Integrated chillers are perfect for restaurants that want the benefits of blast chilling but don't have the space or budget to buy an entire machine.

Applications of Blast Chilling

Because blast chillers work so quickly, they can be used for a wide variety of applications and foodservice operations. And they're not only for restaurants. Schools, bakeries, catering companies, and hospitality venues can all benefit from having an in-house blast chiller. For example, a blast chiller can help cool down chocolate quickly or allow food to be prepared several days in advance of cooking without worrying it will hit the food danger zone.

Other industries can also use blast chillers, including research and development programs, floral delivery services, and food manufacturing businesses.

Go green with Thermo-Kool

The Future of Cooling: Do You Need a Blast Chiller?

Because of all the advantages that come from having a blast chiller, most foodservice operations can benefit from installing one. Not only can it work more efficiently than a regular refrigerator, but a blast chiller can also help with food safety standards and compliance.

Operators can even take a quiz to determine if they need a chiller, but in most cases, the answer is yes. By helping save on labor costs, food waste, and allowing chefs to expand their menus, it enhances commercial kitchens. And in almost every case, a blast chiller only improves a restaurant's operation.

Thermo-Kool Blast Chillers: Your Trusted Partner in Food Preservation

When it comes to blast chilling and refrigeration, Thermo-Kool is the top refrigeration brand in the foodservice industry. Restaurants and other operations of all sizes trust our equipment to help them deliver better food to their customers.

Plus, since Thermo-Kool has such a wide variety of products, operators can find exactly what they need to streamline their business and strengthen their bottom line. We've even introduced an industry first - our order tracker that allows you to see your order from our factory in Laurel, Mississippi all the way to your door.

Want to see if a blast chiller is right for your business? Take our quiz to find out:

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