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The Best Refrigeration Maintenance Tips for Summer

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Summer is filled with warm weather that invites days of grilling outside, enjoying a little sunshine on the patio of your favorite restaurants, and overall good times. As hot and humid as the sunny days can be, our refrigeration systems can sweat just as much as we do. Thermo-Kool's walk-in coolers and freezers offer a lot of beneficial capabilities, but like any cooling system in the summer, they need a little TLC to keep them running smoothly.

Today we're going to break down some of the best tips for keeping the maintenance up on these refrigeration units.


Whether you offer indoor or outdoor seating, consumers are going to be stopping by this summer to enjoy a refreshing drink or delicious meal. This means that you'll occasionally want to calibrate the dial thermometer attached to your walk-in to ensure the temperature stays cool and maintains the quality of your products. If you're questioning if it's time to calibrate it, take a separate thermometer and place it inside of your walk-in cooler to verify the internal temperature. If it seems to be a little off, then it's time to learn how to calibrate.

  • Using a flathead screwdriver, the first step you'll take is to gently remove the cover of the thermometer. Place the face of it in a safe spot while you begin working.

  • Depending on whether you need to raise or lower the temperature, follow these next instructions carefully. To lower the temperature, place an index finger on the wide end of the needle on the left side. Place it close to the hub but not on top of it. Insert the screwdriver into the hub slot and begin turning it clockwise. To raise the temperature, you'll be doing the same steps in the opposite direction. Place an index finger on the broad end of the needle to the right side of it, close to the hub but not covering it and insert the screwdriver into the hub and slowly turn it counterclockwise. These two quick steps will help recalibrate the thermometer so you can properly monitor the temperature throughout these hot days.


Catering directly to your freezer door's ability to properly close, vinyl sweep gaskets are essential. Adjusting the sweep is mandatory for the initial installation, and adjustment slots should be filled with silicone once the gaskets are in their proper position. This helps prevent gaskets from wearing out or stripping quickly and helps your door stay closed and sealed. 

When adjusting, loosen the #8 screws found at the retainer at the bottom of the door. Do NOT remove them completely. The slots are made to allow a 1/2" adjustment, but if this wiggle is over 1/2", remove the screws entirely, reposition the gasket to the necessary height, and drill new holes in it. 


As with all equipment and appliances, sanitization is necessary. For routine cleaning, try to utilize mild detergents and follow behind them with a sanitization solution before rinsing the area. Let this air dry and then lightly apply lemon oil. When dealing with heavy stains, you should use a cleaner designed to work with metal surfaces. Gently apply it to the stain and use a cloth to rub until you can no longer see it. Follow this up with your standard cleaning routine and let it air dry.

Maintaining your Thermo-Kool walk-in cooler or freezer is more than offering technical support to the unit. From cleaning to light adjustments, these simple tips help ensure your refrigeration system has an extended lifetime. 

For more tips on maintenance or information on Thermo-Kool's innovative solutions, request a quote from our Thermo-Kool experts.

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