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Your Guide to Preventative Maintenance for Thermo-Kool Walk-Ins

Your Guide to Preventative Maintenance for Thermo-Kool Walk-Ins

Preventative maintenance is crucial for ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your Thermo-Kool walk-in cooler. Regular upkeep not only helps prevent costly repairs but also ensures optimal performance and energy efficiency. In this guide, we provide essential tips and checklists for maintaining your unit before, during, and after installation.

Before Installation

Proper panel storage before installation is essential to prevent moisture damage, which can lead to water stains, white rust, and irreversible damage, especially on galvanized steel and aluminum. If panels are to be stored outside and are not installed immediately, use a plastic ground cover to prevent moisture from condensing on the panels. Stack the panels on wooden runners, skids, or on their edge, allowing 1/4” - 1/2” air space between them. Cover the panels with a new waterproof tarpaulin, ensuring it is elevated on one side to allow moisture runoff. It is crucial to avoid using plastic covers as they can trap moisture underneath, damaging the panels.

During Installation

Installing your Thermo-Kool walk-in cooler correctly is paramount to its performance. Before installation, ensure the floor is level to prevent structural issues. This is also critical for proper panel alignment.

Familiarize yourself with the camlock operation. Insert the wrench into the access hole in the panel and rotate the camlock clockwise to extend the hook. Retract it by turning counterclockwise. For wall panels with the male tongue on the left-hand side, the operation is reversed. Ensure the camlock is fully retracted before relocking to ensure the hook engages the pin correctly. Improper engagement can prevent a proper seal.

Also, to prevent damage, avoid laying or dropping tools or equipment onto panels. The installation manual provides detailed instructions on the above tips and more.

After Installation

Maintaining your Thermo-Kool walk-in cooler after installation is key to its smooth operation. Follow this routine maintenance checklist:

Sweep Gasket: The sweep gasket should be checked every 60 days. If ice, condensation, or a light gap is visible when the door is closed, adjust or replace the gasket as needed.

Lighting: Inspect light fixtures for moisture. Moisture may indicate a sealing issue. For assistance, contact Thermo-Kool’s customer service team, as it involves electrical components.

Dial Thermometer: Regularly check the calibration of the dial thermometer by comparing it with another thermometer. Recalibrate if necessary.

Frame Heater: Look for ice or condensation around the door or peep window. If these are present, there could be a issue with the walk-in's heater wire. Feel to determine if heat is present around the door and peep window. If no heat is detected, contact customer service for assistance, as it involves electrical components.

Cleaning: Cleaning your walk-in immediately after installation is crucial to remove fingerprints and installation chemicals. Clean every 60 days to prevent white rust. Remove food items before cleaning to avoid contamination. Use a mild detergent for normal cleaning, followed by air drying and applying oil like lemon oil. For heavier stains, use a metal surface cleaner/polisher, followed by mild detergent, air drying, and oil application.

NOTE: For walk-ins with panel floors, avoid pooling water as it can cause floor panels to swell and require drying out or, in extreme cases, replacement.

Stay Ahead with Regular Maintenance

Adhering to these preventative maintenance tips ensures your Thermo-Kool walk-in cooler/freezer operates efficiently and lasts longer. Regular checks and proper cleaning are simple steps that can prevent significant issues and maintain the integrity of your unit.

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