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    The Inner Workings of the Mississippi Aquarium’s Kitchen

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    For people of all ages, a trip to the aquarium is a fun and engaging experience to view sea life up-close and to learn how to be a better steward of the environment.

    From the waters of the Mississippi River to the Gulf Coast and beyond, there’s much to learn about and explore at the Mississippi Aquarium. Delivering a memorable experience that supports both animal conservation and a passion for the aquatic world is at the heart of the Mississippi Aquarium’s mission. Through education and conservation programs, the aquarium aims to open the hearts and minds of guests and the local community who visit the facility.

    To continue its mission to deliver an awe-inspiring experience to its patrons, the Mississippi Aquarium had plans to expand its foodservice offering. That’s where Thermo-Kool stepped in to help. By investing in their foodservice program, the aquarium was able to upgrade its refrigeration system with a walk-in cooler/freezer combination that was conducive to their specific needs.

    Fitting the Needs of an Aquatic Experience

    When building a new refrigeration or freezer system, Thermo-Kool first starts by assembling the panels to the exact dimensions and specifications of the space. In the case of the Mississippi Aquarium’s needs, the panels were measured to fit the specs of a 22’11” x 22’0” x 8’6” high refrigerator/freezer combination.

    Each 1” panel was built with a high-density Durathane panel perimeter and the unit featured three heavy-duty 56” x 78” entrance doors in the cooler and freezer. These doors also contained spring-loaded hinges, vinyl strip curtains, and 3-way light switches. To ensure the finishes remain aesthetically pleasing in the coastal environment, the exterior and interior finishes of the walk-ins were made of stainless steel.

    To meet the aquarium’s needs, the door frame on the outside freezer entrance was built into the corner to fit the exact space available. LED light fixtures were then added-in above each door and in the ceiling of each compartment to ensure maximum illumination was provided. The walk-in cooler/freezer also offered a remote water-cooled refrigeration system that was adequately sized to ensure the proper temperature is maintained at all times.

    Upon completion of the panels, the walk-in was pre-assembled and tested for quality control at Thermo-Kool’s factory.

    A Walk-In Experience Sure to Delight

    While the visitors to the aquarium may not see the inner workings of the operation, ultimately it’s the overall experience a guest has that creates the most impact. From the ticket counter to the dining halls and various aquatic exhibits, creating an efficient and engaging overall visit for guests is key to the success of the aquarium’s operation.

    See how the experts at Thermo-Kool can help with your operation’s refrigeration and freezer needs by clicking below to learn more.

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