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Top Summer Restaurant and Dining Trends for 2023

As the warm weather approaches, people are eager to make the most of it by getting out of the house and enjoying time dining at local restaurants and eateries. Restaurants can take advantage of this by following some of the dining trends we're seeing and offering unforgettable experiences that drive return visits.

The Future of Summer Dining: Predictions and Trends to Watch in 2023

Just as customer expectations change during the course of the year, restaurants must adjust as well. Commercial kitchens should align their options to match consumer preferences during the warmer months, which will allow them to attract both new and repeat business.

For example, the top dining trend according to the National Restaurant Association is the desire for community and local culture when it comes to dining experiences. And nothing says community more than seeing a crowd dining al fresco. People are also looking for dishes with bold and spicy flavors, so menu considerations are also important. Customers are increasingly searching for sustainable options when it comes to their food choices - opting for locally sourced ingredients over those shipped from a long distance. Restaurants can take advantage of this by partnering up with nearby farmers and using eco-friendly packaging materials whenever possible. Finally, as summer approaches, patrons will be eager to dine outdoors and enjoy the warm weather in unique seating arrangements that encourage engagement, providing an immersive experience they can't get anywhere else. 

By keeping these trends in mind and utilizing them strategically, restaurants can put themselves in the best position possible to meet the needs of their customers. When restaurants focus on meeting these summer dining trends, they will have an easier time filling their seats and keeping the orders flowing. 

Thermo-Kool Blast Chillers Help Preserve Perishable Summer Ingredients

When it comes to warmer temperatures, food storage is critical. Restaurants must pay close attention to the storage, handling, and preparation of perishable food items during the summer season in order to ensure safety, quality, and to reduce food waste.

To ensure the safety and quality of these ingredients, using a blast chiller is an excellent choice as it quickly reduces hot foods' temperature while preserving their flavor, texture, and color. Not only does this help reduce waste, but also creates a positive dining experience for customers. It is essential that foodservice operators select the right kind of blast chillers so they can protect the quality of their ingredients effectively.

Thermo-Kools Blast Chiller Technology's Role in Menu Development 

Because of the versatility and functionality of blast chillers, they play a crucial role in maintaining food safety and quality. They can prevent food from spoiling prematurely while also protecting its texture and flavor. During the summer, fresh ingredients are in high demand, and the warmer temperatures could cause some food items to spoil more quickly.

Blast chillers are valuable because they can protect these perishable ingredients, and one of the best options comes from Thermo-Kool. Thermo-Kool’s blast chillers and shock freezers make it easy for restaurants to focus on food safety while reducing lost revenue due to food waste. Designed by engineers with decades of experience, blast chillers can drop the temperature of food within just a couple of hours, extending shelf life, protecting food quality, and making batch cooking easy. This unique capability has made Thermo-Kool’s blast chillers the gold standard in the restaurant industry.

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