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    Enhance Foodservice Profits with Meal Kits

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    The coronavirus pandemic completely changed how people relate to food and dining, with many restaurants having to pivot to off-premise dining strategies to survive. Today, those same customers who became accustomed to the convenience and safety of takeout and delivery are not willing to give up the benefits of this dining style. And meal kits continue to be a big part of those strategies.

    The convenience of consuming something in a quiet environment off-premise is something that is not going away. And restaurants that want to boost their foodservice profits need to take advantage of this revenue stream. That is why restaurant meal kits are now becoming more mainstream

    Are Meal Kits a Restaurant’s Rival or Opportunity?

    In the past, many restaurants viewed meal kits as a competitor. They felt like patrons would either choose the dining room of a restaurant or the short prep work that accompanies a meal kit. Now, it is important for restaurants to understand they can also offer meal kits as a new revenue stream. Statistics show that approximately four out of every ten restaurant patrons want access to meal kits, as they provide them with a way to try new cuisines while reducing the number of trips they need to take to the grocery store.

    Restaurants that want to get the most out of their meal kits must consider the type of cuisine they already serve. This can help ensure the menu is loaded with options that travel well from the restaurant to the customer's final destination. Packaging is part of that experience, whether it's how the packaging will impact the quality of the food or the impression that packing will give customers before the meal. Ideally, patrons can unpack the ingredients from the box in the same order in which the steps are presented. That way, there is a lower chance of someone making a mistake.

    Finally, restaurants also need to have a way to store the ingredients they use in their meal kits so ingredients will not spoil before restaurant patrons get to use them. 

    Integrated Blast Chiller From Thermo-Kool

    Restaurants must have an effective way to quickly store items that go in meal kits to prevent them from spoiling. The goal is to lock in all the important flavors, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients while inhibiting the growth of mold and bacteria. An integrated blast chiller does exactly that. 

    The goal is to drop the temperature as quickly as possible to prevent damage to the structural integrity of the food. Now, restaurant owners can integrate a blast chiller or shock freezing system into the cooler or freezer they already have. As a result, restaurants can extend the shelf-life of their food and allow their staff members to focus on other details of their services.

    This is also an innovative system that can be used to preserve the flavor of ingredients that are included in meal kits. That way, even after a restaurant patron takes the meal kit home, the meal tastes just as fresh as it does when it comes out of the dining room.

    Is a blast chiller right for your operation? Check out our new blast chiller assessment sheet to find out.

    Blast Chiller/Shock Freezer Assessment Sheet

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