2024 Foodservice and Commercial Kitchen Trends Shaping the Industry

    In any industry, staying up-to-date on emerging trends and upcoming changes is vital for preparing for the future and overcoming challenges. They guide businesses in the right direction and introduce new concepts that can improve operations or open up new growth opportunities. 

    Businesses that don’t adjust to new ideas find themselves falling behind competitors and failing to capture the interest of their customers. The foodservice trends we're seeing for 2024 can help kitchens know what to keep an eye on and what new tools can help enhance their business.

    Tackling Labor Shortages

    One of the most important commercial kitchen trends is the foodservice industry’s significant labor shortages. Many restaurants and kitchens feel the stress of operating with fewer team members while trying to keep up with the same level of demand from customers. Smaller teams can’t produce at the same rate as full kitchens, slowing operations and limiting growth.

    Innovative technologies like those from Thermo-Kool can help businesses cope with the challenges of labor shortage. The right equipment can increase productivity and help meet the needs of customers. Equipment like a blast chiller, for example, can help preserve food for longer and reduce the daily cooking in a commercial kitchen.

    Sustainable and Safe: Eco-Friendly Foodservice Practices

    Commercial kitchen trends for 2024 also include sustainable and eco-friendly foodservice practices. More and more kitchens are prioritizing eco-friendly practices to enhance food safety and positively impact the environment. This helps to maintain compliance with food safety regulations and environmental regulations.

    Thermo-Kool blast chillers and shock freezers use R-448a Refrigerant, which is non-ozone depleting and helps keep the right temperature for food safety. Businesses can look into tools and equipment that combine food safety and environmental best practices. Another idea to help support sustainability and align the dual goals of eco-friendly practices and food safety is to look at chemicals and cleaning products. Non-toxic, natural cleansers help circumvent food safety concerns and promote eco-friendly practices.

    Tech-Forward Kitchens: Automation and Robotics

    All industries are exploring the increasing role of automation and robotics. Commercial kitchens are no different. Technologies like monitoring systems, smart appliances, and digital tools for office automation transform kitchen operations and improve efficiency. Including these technologies in a commercial kitchen makes work easier for teams, saves on labor, and helps avoid major food safety or storage issues.

    Thermo-Kool technologies help contribute to tech-forward kitchens. Equipment like the walk-in monitoring system offers power failure alarms, compartment monitoring for specialty produce items, and notifications for when doors don’t close. This helps prevent food waste and enhances food safety measures while providing additional metrics and data for further improvement.

    Flexible Kitchen Design for Multi-Purpose Use

    Another trend that commercial kitchens should consider in 2024 is multi-purpose requirements. More foodservice businesses cater to diverse culinary needs and require flexibility and customization. Rather than having a permanent kitchen setup, operators are investing in mobile, adaptable, or versatile equipment for different kitchen designs.

    Products from Thermo-Kool can adapt to various kitchen layouts and requirements. Flooring, size, and accessories are all customizable for walk-in coolers. Businesses looking to implement versatile kitchen designs should consider the layout they have to work with. From there, they can examine different storage, preparation, and cooking equipment that fits in that space and can be adapted when required.

    Ensuring Food Safety

    Food safety is of paramount importance in the foodservice industry. Any failure to maintain health and safety standards around food spells disaster for commercial kitchens. Food that is spoiled or has been kept at the wrong temperature can severely hurt customers or worse. Maintaining food safety standards and requirements continues to be a significant foodservice trend for 2024.

    Monitoring systems, like those offered by Thermo-Kool, play a vital role in maintaining food safety standards. These systems maintain proper temperatures in food storage and help prevent spoilage and food waste. Tools like the Food Preservation System by Bluezone can help keep food fresher with no additional labor needed - just UV technology.

    Stay on trend for 2024 and find out how much your business can save by adding a Bluezone to your Thermo-Kool walk-in cooler:

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