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Walk-in Cooler Assembly Made Easy-- 5 Essential Tips for a Smooth Installation

Walk-in coolers and freezers are like the heart of a restaurant or foodservice operation. They're responsible for holding ingredients before they're distributed for preparation, which ultimately leads to a process that yields profits. So, yes, walk-ins are critical to the overall success of a foodservice operation.

When it comes to commercial refrigeration, the industry leaders at Thermo-Kool have developed established guidelines to promote the smooth installation of walk-ins. We understand how important walk-ins can be, and we believe the assembly process should reflect that concern. So, without further ado, here are five steps to promote the successful installation of your walk-ins.

Mastering Walk-In Cooler Assembly: 5 Quick Tips for Success

Ordering and installing a new walk-in cooler from Thermo-Kool is easier than ever. Operators simply have to answer these questions to ensure they get their new cooler up and running as quickly as possible. 

1) Did the Panels Arrive Complete?

Your order inventory sheet should tell you how many panels arrived and their sizes. Make sure to inspect each panel to verify that you have it and that it's in excellent condition. 

2) Is the Jobsite Clear of Debris?

Assembling a walk-in cooler requires a lot of space to spread out. If there's debris or obstacles in the way, the job will take a lot longer. 

3) Any Visible Damage to Any Panels or Products?

Inspecting each piece is crucial to ensure they're in proper condition. If anything is damaged, be sure to contact the Thermo-Kool support team as soon as possible. 

4) Is the Floor Level? 

A sloped or uneven floor can make it much harder to put the cooler together. Plus, it will be almost impossible to put it into place correctly. Only assemble and install walk-in coolers on flat surfaces. 

5) Have You Watched the Assembly Checklist Videos?

Thermo-Kool's walk-in assembly videos provide valuable insight into installing your new cooler. We created these videos because we understand that it's more helpful to see a visual in action rather than having to look at a diagram or set of instructions. 

Thermo-Kool Walk-In Coolers: Setting the Standard for Industry Excellence

Refrigerators have been around for decades, but Thermo-Kool continually develops high-tech refrigeration innovations for foodservice businesses of all shapes and sizes. What makes these coolers so unique and long-lasting? Here are the basics: 

Customization: Thermo-Kool allows operators to pick and choose the elements that make their cooler the best. For example, if it's a customer-facing model, it can use glass walls so people can see inside. Operators can also choose their flooring and doors, as well, for the best results. 

Energy Efficiency: By utilizing thermal-resistant materials, Thermo-Kool coolers can better regulate heat transference, particularly from warm and insulated basements and flooring. The walls can also help retain cooler temperatures, even as the weather heats up outside. 

Disaster Proof: A walk-in cooler is actually a durable and sturdy machine, so much so that it can double as a bunker during a tornado or hurricane. The thick walls can also provide protection against structural fires, as well.

Choosing Excellence: Why Industry Professionals Trust Thermo-Kool Walk-In Coolers

With so many high-quality features, it's no wonder that restaurateurs and foodservice operators around the world trust in Thermo-Kool walk-in coolers. Now, the brand is even adding new high-tech solutions to make it easier to browse options and order a new model. 

For example, the updated Thermo-Kool website is easier to navigate and enhanced with digital elements and walkthroughs. Operators can also learn more about commercial refrigeration. Plus, once someone orders a commercial walk-in cooler, they can use the real-time tracker tool to see where it is at any given time. 

By providing best-in-class customer support along with providing innovation that sets us apart from the competition, Thermo-Kool continues to lead the way in the industry.

Make the most of your walk-in installation. Watch this comprehensive video to learn more about the five essential tips for smooth walk-in cooler assembly.


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