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Saving Time With A Dual Cavity Blast Chiller/Shock Freezer

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Saving time is at the top of every foodservice operations list of things to accomplish. By saving time, teams can be more productive, which can translate into more profits. Using equipment that has multiple uses is a great way to increase productivity. So did you know that Thermo-Kool has a dual cavity blast chiller AND shock freezer, all in one? Here's why it's such a great tool to have in your commercial kitchen. 

Why A Dual Cavity Blast Chiller and Shock Freezer?

Foodservice kitchens are busy places with multiple people working in different areas to get meals out to customers quickly and correctly. Having to repeat steps or not being able to prep in advance is a time waste and can slow down productivity. Kitchens that bring food down quickly out of the danger zone using automation and safely store food for long periods of time are saving time, eliminating labor, and helping increase profits. Imagine being able to do that with one machine. 

That's why the TK2C-2 Dual Cavity Blast Chiller and Shock Freezer was created. The only dual blast chiller and shock freezer onThermo Kool - TK2C-2 the market, the TK2C-2 gives commercial kitchens versatility in how they produce meals. Able to simultaneously chill and freeze food products in one unit, it allows bakeries to set frostings and freeze baked goods in advance of events and restaurants to prep food days in advance of holidays. Or how about creating menu options using products that were in season several months prior?

With a dual cavity chiller/freezer, kitchens are able to create a variety of items during slower times, blast chill them down to temperature safely, and shock freeze until they're needed. Planning and getting ahead is half the battle in a commercial kitchen. With the TK2C-2, staff is able to easily get production started without having to constantly monitor or adjust. 

Easy To Use And Automated

Using the TK2C-2 is easy and intuitive to use. With options for soft chill, hard chill, and shock freeze, staff only has to push a button to get the process started. Able to operate in a manual or fully automated mode, the unit comes with a food probe and air probe to check internal and external temperatures. There's even a removable drip tray for easy cleaning. It also works quickly and without supervision. Blast chilling up to 58 pounds of product can be done within two hours while shock freezing up to 40 pounds of food take up to four hours. Giving staff time to handle other tasks to help business. 

What Foods Can You Prep With A Blast Chiller and Shock Freezer

The list of foods you can use with the TK2C-2 Dual Blast Chiller and Shock Freezer is endless. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Par-baked bread
  • Proteins like fish and beef 
  • Vegetables and fruits 
  • Gelato/ice cream
  • Pizza ingredients 
  • Cakes and pastries
  • Soups 
  • Cocktails  
  • and more!

Thinking about incorporating a blast chiller and shock freezer to prep and help your staff? Take our quick quiz to see if it's right for your commercial kitchen.

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