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2022 was a great year here at Thermo-Kool. We continued to build excellent products to help our customers grow. Our team continues to thrive. We headed into 2023 with a new website and debuted the innovative Thermo-Kool Tracker, the only system of its kind in the industry that allows customers to view up-to-the-minute information on their purchased refrigeration solution. So let's take a look back at some of our most viewed blogs of 2022. 

Blast Chilling for Pizza Operations


Preserving ingredients. Preventing food waste. Reducing labor and saving space. These are all reasons why pizza operations should be using a blast chiller. Discover how a blast chiller can help along with how it can help expand a pizzeria's menu options. 

The Difference Between Blast Chilling and Shock Freezing

The Difference Between Blast Chilling and Shock Freezing header

Have you ever been confused about the difference between a shock freezer and a blast chiller? We can help! While both pieces of equipment move warm food to cooler temperatures for storage, the process in a blast chiller and a shock freezer are very different. Come along as we explain and help you decide which one works best for your commercial kitchen. 

The Chill Zone: Lisa Hinton 

Thermo Kool Employee Spotlight Lisa Hinton Email

One of our most popular set of blogs has been the Chill Zone. A look into the life of one of our team members, it's helped show our readers the people who are the backbone of Thermo-Kool. And one of the most popular posts has been about Lisa Hinton, our Executive Specialist/IT/Marketing guru. Learn a little more about Lisa, how long she's been working here, and why she uses the word 'dedicated' to describe Thermo-Kool. 

How to Choose Walk-in Flooring for a Cooler or Freezer 

How to Choose Walk-in Flooring For A Cooler Or Freezer header

Having the correct flooring for a walk-in cooler or freezer can impact many parts of your business. From maintenance to insulation, the right type of flooring helps keep what's being stored colder and helps prevent workplace accidents. While one size never fits all, we've put together some tips to think about when deciding on the best walk-in flooring for your business. 

Food Waste in the Foodservice Industry 

Thermo-Kool Food Waste in Foodservice header image

Food waste is a large problem in the United States and one that many foodservice businesses are committed to trying to tackle. Food waste negatively impacts the environment, but when it's controlled it can positively impact those in need and restaurants' bottom line. We dug a little deeper into the issue of food waste in the foodservice industry and offer some suggestions on how to help combat it.

Can your walk-in help your business grow? Take a look at our durability checklist and find out. 

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