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How To Batch Cook Eggs Benedict For Large Groups (Video)

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Served at brunches, buffets, and breakfasts of all kinds, Eggs Benedict are a fan favorite. But producing temperamental eggs en masse can be complicated and require a lot of extra labor. So is it possible to make Eggs Benedict for group functions? We're about to find out.

History of Eggs Benedict 

While the creator of the Eggs Benedict is widely debated, it's agreed that the dish was created in New York City in the latter half of the 1800s. Traditionally served as poached eggs with ham on top of an English muffin and covered in hollandaise sauce, today there are many variations to fit any crowd including replacing the ham with lox or adding some avocado. No matter how you serve it, serving Eggs Benedict for a large event is a crowd-pleaser. So how can it be done while preserving the integrity of the eggs?

Is it Hard to Cook Eggs Benedict for a Crowd?

Thermo-Kool's National Sales Manager, Mark Fogerty, headed down to Eaton Marketing to meet and film with certified master chef Jason Hall to solve the question: is it hard to prepare Eggs Benedict for large groups?

Preparing Eggs Benedict for the masses is hard because, as Chef Jason explained, having to gently poach the eggs to immediately go on top of the ham and muffin isn't a simple task when serving a lot of people. A group of cooks would need to be on hand to monitor the poaching, remove the eggs, and then complete the process. To serve 100 Eggs Benedict dishes at the same time, it would require six staff members to complete this task. Not very labor efficient. 

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Batch Cooking Eggs Benedict

The solution? Batch cooking and using a shock freezer to preserve the eggs until they're ready to serve. Here's make Eggs Benedict for large groups every single time:

  • Prep English muffins and the meat you'll be using (we used prosciutto) 
  • Butter muffins and par-bake the muffins and prosciutto
  • Sous vide the eggs - when finished, remove the shells and place inside individual disposable cups or ramekins
  • Place meat on top of muffins, shock freeze and store
  • Shock freeze eggs and store
  • The day of the event, retherm the muffins, meat and eggs
  • Assemble eggs on top of meat and muffin, add hollandaise sauce and serve

Find out how a shock freezer or blast chiller can help you prepare meals for large groups by downloading our free assessment sheet. 

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